While driving home the other day this song came on. Nostalgic moment, much? Feet numb from dancing, yelling the lyrics at each other till we were hoarse and being young and there. Also fitting into a small skirt the size of a postage stamp. Magic stuff.

Not a happy movie, Trainspotting, but good all the same.

You got a nostalgic song?


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  1. Funny, I remember Trainspotting as being a great flick that I loved, but I can’t remember much about it exactly. LOL It’s my heimerz ya know. snort.

    Umm… at my age there are so many songs that trigger the memory bank.

    But I’d say dance stuff/house/rave music from the late 80’s early 90’s when I was in Japan and my most happiest, trigger nostalgic feelings in me. I lived in the Discos over there and spent my weekends dancing all night until the first train.

    Only song that comes to mind though is UB40’s Red Red Wine, which the disco would always put on after a while to slow things down or give a go get another drink break. LOL

  2. UB40 is fab. Apparently Europe is seeing a huge upswing in reggae and dub kinda stuff at the moment. Yes, have been listening to talk back radio… need to get out more. hehe.

    Me and dancing a fond friends, unfortunately this does not mean I have any sense of rhythm whatsoever! LOL.

  3. I loved Trainspotting the one time I saw it. No, not a happy movie at all, but sooo good.

    I can’t think of a nostalgic song off the top of my head. So sad. They do say the mind is the first thing to go. 🙂

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