Rain on the Roof


Tony_BuffHave just been listening to a podcast from Dr Dick who did an interview with Chris Yosef. Incredibly interesting, but a warning; does cause intense self reflection and navel gazing. I also spent considerable time tonight reading Chris’s blog. Kept thinking about Natural Law (great BDSM book!!) as I was reading it and am dying to listen to the 2nd part of his Dr Dick interview and find out more about collared boys and living in a polyamorous leather/bdsm relationship. Facinating stuff. And, yes I might just have a wee fangirl crush on Tony. Ok, it’s not small at all, it’s heeeeeoooouge. Dr Dick has a couple of other very cool podcasts. Of particular interest is Mike of Mikemen’s interview.

My new addiction is Tumblr. All the porn art you need and more. Well, those ones I’m following anyway, they’re kinda arty… honest!! O-o How bout you? Favorite Tumblr blogs? I have created a place for my ‘art’ here. No, of course it is not work safe and not for non pron inclined.

Currently in love with Beth Ditto’s voice and have played Heavy Cross so many times this week I’ve about worn a hole in the song. She also did an very cool cover of a song called Temptation with Jarvis Cocker. An odd combination. For those old enough to remember this was a Heaven 17 song. gah. Geekgasim.

Read a great historical novel, 3 contemporaries and 2 comics. I had a slow patch with reading for a while, but it has picked up again. There are some really great reads out at the moment and I am desperately trying to keep up. Failing miserably! Should probably stop lookin at Tony’s blog!

Shall leave you with goodness that is Tony. For a clip, check out this gem. Nope. Not work safe.😀


8 comments on “Stuff.

  1. Tracy
    August 7, 2009

    Love the art page – very nice. Be sure and put a link on your sidebar so we can check it from time to time.:)

  2. Teddypig
    August 7, 2009

    Natural Law rocks. Loved it!

    Get a copy of Mr. Benson if you want a classic.

    • Sarah
      August 7, 2009

      I have looked for it in the city a few times, but no go. Might have to order online. Got a hankering for *Sir*

  3. Kris
    August 10, 2009

    Damn you, Sarah. I’m meant to be working and instead I’ve been reading Chris’ amazing journey. Wow.

    I❤ Joey W Hill. IMO, she's one of the best authors of BDSM.

    • Sarah
      August 10, 2009

      Don’t get started on Tony’s blog. Honestly, I think I just about wore a hole in his blog over the weekend. AND I have got to stop watching that puppy clip. nom nom nom.😀

  4. LILI
    August 13, 2009


  5. Kassa
    June 1, 2010

    Late to the party (as usual). I just found Chris/Tony’s blogs through someone’s link on twitter during the grabbies. I wondered who the hell this guy was wearing a rubber cassock and calling a bunch of guys “my boy” on twitter. How many boys can one man have? So of course I spent my entire weekend reading chris’ blog, derek’s blog, and pouring over Tony’s. Seriously fascinating stuff from all angles.

    I’m not much of a visual porn person but I’m buying a couple of his films… um.. today.

    • Sarah
      June 1, 2010

      😀 I’m sure they’ll be thrilled. It is fascinating stuff to be sure. I’m a total sucker for Element with his puppy tail. Some of there more hard core stuff freaks me a little, but I do like Folsom Flesh I think it’s called. He’s such a nasty boy. Check out Tony’s podcast of Dr Dick too. Is well worth a listen! I’ll find the link and tweet it to you. Let me know what films you see, love to know what your thoughts are!

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