On Art – Interview with Franze and Andärle.

black wade cover finalBlade Wade is beautiful. It’s about pirates, battles, swords, boots and men in breeches. How could I resist? Coming out in August from Bruno Gmünder, this erotic high seas adventure is something you’ll not want to miss.

The artwork was captivating and sensual. It seamlessly blends adventure with more whimsical and tender panels that appealed immensely to my inner romance geek. The coloring was warm and lush and compliments the art, which in parts has a sexy squared off look. The authentic costuming, look of the characters and attention to detail all makes for some incredibly appealing viewing.

Black Wade is written, illustrated and colored by Italian artists Franze and Andärle. They have kindly agreed to answer a few questions (despite my lack of Italian!!) and share a little about themselves…

I live in Italy near Milan and I’m a professional illustrator. I’m 42 old years and drawing comics and illustrations for children since I was 16 old years. I worked, and I work at moment with major publishers in the world ….

Black Wade is my first experience (as a designer) about a comic erotic / gay … it has been fun drawing it, but I don’t know if this experience will be repeated …

Usually I work in the field of comics / illustrations for children … Black Wade was born how joke, we didn’t think could become a book.

For drawing the character Black Wade, I was inspired myself by a player of the Italian national rugby that I love!!!! … Wade looks like very much to him …

black wade 3 jpegI like drawing in many different styles and in different arguments … so I tend to do comics very different between them …. but especially in the design.

About my work I’m designer and colorer, but in the case of Black Wade the colors are by my colleague and friend, Anderle… he specializes in color.

I like to create characters in pencil …. At moment I’m working on a comic dark / gothic for childrens with a my friend. Since I started working on Black Wade I discovered many talented designers in the field of comics hard / gay…I like very much Patrick Fillion especially as an artist, but I disagree with him about to draw the penis of the characters so big … . in my opinion remove eroticism at them… it’s only my personal taste ….

When working with someone, I usually take care of pencils …. and I leave the colorist to decide the tones and colors of the atmosphere … I’m exacting, I controlling only the faces of the characters.

In general about me: I love art deco, and especially the artist ERTé designer. About the cartoons I’m an absolute admirer of Miyazaki, Shingo Araki, and Walt Disney … and about comics my favorite artist is Yumiko Igarashi (Candy Candy). How you can see they are all artist for children 🙂

I love traveling, and I love New York!!!! …. I go there often. I have a boyfriend from 14 years. My favorite sports are rugby and swimming. About the music I’m an absolute fan of Pet Shop Boys, who regularly I go to see in concert in London … and Italy’s singer Laura Pausini.

I hate all social network, chat and anything that makes impersonal encounters between people. I use the computer only for work, and to find material’s references …. but I love my Apple G5! 🙂 To color, I use photoshop.
black wade 5 jpeg Andärle.
I live in Italy, in a town in the Alps, close to the Dolomites (beautiful mountains!). I’m 43 years old. I started working as a graphic advertisement. But from 12 years I working as illustrator in publishing books for children and comics. As well as for Franze, Black Wade was my first experience about a comic erotic / gay.

I love my job. It allows me to travel with the imagination! With pencil and colors I can create different worlds… I am never bored!!! 🙂

I am specialized in digital coloring. As with Black Wade I collaborate with other designers. Important is to find an agreement between pencil and color. The final product is “the son” of both the styles of the two artists!

French Cover
French Cover

I read comics since I was child. My favorites were the Italian comics: Magnus with Alan FordBonelli with Dilan Dog.

But now I like to read very different things. Everything gives me new ideas. I like very much the work of Guarnido with BlacksadEnrique Fernandez with “LeMagicien d’Oz” and “Liberadores”. Between the designers of gay comics I like Patrick Fillion, David Cantero and Kinu Sekigushi.

Thank you so much Franze and Andärle for taking the time to reply. Your work is something rather special and I hope there is a Black Wade #2!!

Check out the synopsis here at Bruno Gmünder with some extra illustrations (I love the one in the water!) and get it here at Amazon US or UK and Fishpond.au.

Franze and Andärle also have a very cool website with more images and book details. Check it out here!



12 thoughts on “On Art – Interview with Franze and Andärle.

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  1. Nicely done! I love the diversity in gay comics. These look dark and beautiful and…dare I say? The character’s faces are reminiscent of smooth Disney classics. Me likey.

    I’m still smiling over the penis size remark. My goodness Franz, you’re right. Patrick wields some extra large orders of sausage. (So does Mike). And, yup, it’s a matter of personal taste. (I immediately think taste testing. Sigh. It’s 9:20 in the morning and my mind is in the gutter.)

    Sarah-speaking of mike…uhm…he’s got something new posted. 🙂

    1. I like your mind. hehe.

      Disney, yes! I thought it was a little like that. Perhaps why I found it so appealing. And, some of the other pictures are just pure romance. Loads of smex of course, but I think I might just be a bit of a mush when it comes to this stuff. nom.

      Mike has a new book he’s a part of post? Or the Dr is in… ZOMG! They’re so sinuous.

  2. Great interview Sarah. What a shame that Franz and Andarle may not do another gay comic. I love the light and dark tones on the pictures I’ve seen so far.

    I’ve never been a huge fan of the ginormous penis either – ouch. I mean, OUCH!

    1. It was cool to be a bit nosey with Franz and Andarle. I mean Franz likes rugby and Deco and Andarle introduced me to some cool artists I’ve not see AND they knew where NZ was. Always a bonus. 🙂

      My Italian still sucks though. I sent besos (Spanish for kiss) instead of baci (Italian for kiss). They were rather forbearing and did not laugh too much. 😀

  3. Sarah
    I guess my comment was just eaten so I’ll try again.. I think this was a wonderful interview and I enjoyed meeting the guys. I love the huge penises on the Mikemen/Class Comics sites:)

    I might just check out Black Wade.

  4. Black Wade is certainly something I think will appeal to many. AND you should definitely check out their wallpapers. Seeew romantic. nom. 😀

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