Sookie cover fail.

The new covers for the Sookie Stackhouse series suck. When I see them in the shop they all look at same and lack character. The original covers were gorgeous, funky and just a wee bit unique. These new generic ones all look the same and they SUCK big hairy goat balls. meh. However, this wee gif below? Magic. 😀



10 thoughts on “Sookie cover fail.

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  1. The new covers try to look like movie posters. They don’t stand up well next to the lovely original covers.

    And LOL. That was a great Sookie-Bill show. With bonus Eric. Thanks. Much appreciated.


  2. It makes me sad when books are made into TV shows and movies and the covers reflect such. 😦

    I adored the old covers. They were cute and quirky and captured the essence of Sookie much better than the generic pr0n covers.

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