Sworn is the epic, homo-erotic saga of Calais and Slammer, sworn enemies who have fallen in love with one another. They must keep their love affair a secret from their respective teams and families at all costs…

SWORN #1 coverWritten by C.J. Evans and illustrated by Silvano, Sworn kicks off in the middle of a battle between the Saviors and Ultimen. When the conflict begins to turn in the Saviors favor, new recruit Calais is sent to capture one of the youngest members of the Ultimen, Slammer. After an intense  struggle Calais brings Slammer back to his base and these two young men, thrown together in close quarters, begin to see there is more to each other than first meets the eye.

The world building was crisp, but almost muted as the comic was definitely character driven and focused mainly on the tentative relationship between Calais and Slammer. Calais is wary of Slammer, but common sense seems to take a hike and his lust for Slammer is overwhelming. Slammer does nothing to help this of course, and as he’s more experienced he initially takes the lead in seducing the beautiful and wide eyed Calais. MUCH seriously grubby goodness ensues. 🙂

sworntitle05The art has almost a sketch like feel in parts and I liked the way the characters felt. They were muscular, but lithe and Calais is simply beautiful with his dark, moody eyes. nom! The coloring starts off quite dark and grim during the fight segments and as the story moves, the depiction of the more intensely erotic scenes between Calais and Slammer become much lighter in tone as the readers is drawn in closer. The panels seem tighter and more dense, giving a kind of fast paced eroticism that is incredibly engaging and lush.

sworntitle01Sworn is a totally sexy, superhero romp that had me glued from cover to cover. Hot, sweet and incredibly enjoyable this was a wicked read and I cannot wait till the next episode!

Available now at Class Comics.


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  1. It figures! Now that I’ve stopped reviewing gay comics, the good comics are getting better! 🙂

    I liked this one, and I dug the art in NJ Beginnings.

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