straightboysSexy jocks playing silly chicken games. A hot read, even if I did have to ignore  the repetitious nature of the writing. The smutty bits were worth it. Evangeline Anderson writes such a good build up that by the time they get there, those boys will have you on the edge of your seat. So to speak… a definite re read for the smex. Str8ght Boys by Evangeline Anderson. Samhain Publishing.

jock dorm 2 bobby michaelsI know a few have been put off with the odd moment of jock strap sniffing in the original Jock Dorm, but it didn’t really bother me too much. I’ve re read that wee gem several times. O-O. This second Jock Dorm novel about Drew and Vince is just as hot, but does not quite have the same impact as the first. The story felt rushed in parts, but I think Bobby Michaels does those first fumbling attempts at sex incredibly well. Jock Dorm – Drew and Vince by Bobby Michaels Loose Id.

Horizons dreamspinnerpressHorizons has got plenty of 5 star ratings so I thought I’d best check it out. While the story begins well and there is some great smex, it was the crying that put me off. I know it’s good to be in touch with your emotions, but harden the fuck up! Maybe I am just a grumpy cow. O-o In saying that, I’d so go back and read the grubby bits cause they were rather good! Horizons by Mickie B. Ashling. Dreamspinner Press.

high line ta chaseHigh Line was another must read apparently; so I did. While I enjoyed the first part of the novel the second half had some issues with pacing. It just did not flow as smoothly. I liked the premise immensely, who doesn’t like hot racing car drivers (Hello Jeremy Clarkson. snerk) and there was lots of lovely angsty emotion too. OK wee read. High Line by T.A. Chase. Samhain Publishing.

extreme bull catt fordCatt Ford was another new author for me. Extreme Bull was ok, but the only ass pounding action here was on the bulls these cowboys were riding. meh. Quite short too and wrapped up a little too smartly. Liked the authors writing despite this, so am definitely going to check out some more of her books. Extreme Bull by Catt Ford. Dreamspinner Press.

epistols at dawnePistols at Dawn started with a hiss and a roar. Quick and cleverly written with witty dialog and characters that had me laughing my ass off, it was snarky and funny and then kinda fell flat for me in the 2nd half. Which I guess was a little disappointing as the 1st half read SOOOOO beautifully. Like blindingly clever!!  Nice characters and loved the long hair. Just wanted more in the ending I think. ePistols at Dawn by Z.A. Maxfield. Samhain Publishing.

I am always on the hunt for good books, comics and manga so share away with anything you’ve been reading lately (with links of course) in the comments. I’d love to hear about them. 🙂


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  1. How did I miss this post? Miss Sarah–I heart you. And I have no fear of teh jock huffin’.

    Harden the fuck up!

    (That’s what she said.)

    OMG. heh. HA.

      1. I like my men harder, too.

        Stop me. Any time. I’m supposed to be revising my latest wip and I’m totally slacking by catching up on your blog.

        ::shakes fist at Sarah:: Damn you.

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