Happy Ending by LB Gregg.

All Seth really wanted was a simple massage—was that too much to ask? When his usual therapist is replaced by a sexy young masseur, Seth finds himself obsessed with the unpredictable – and wholly inappropriate – David Cooke. Pushed to the breaking point by forces both mysterious and not so mysterious, Seth must lose his rigid control to find the happy ending both he and David deserve.
From Aspen Mountain Press.

lb_happy-ending_fwSeth has to be one of my favourite characters in recent reading. He is gruff, kinda cheeky and arrogant.. He has such heart and the hardships he’s endured certainly endear him to the reader. His loss of control around David and need for some seriously grubby sex was totally hot. I nearly fell off my perch when I read their afternoon smex session:D Hello Boy Butter???

I think what really got me was the sense of family and the way that Seth’s niece was portrayed. I am obviously a sucker for wee, cute and sad. Here is a man that is doing his damnedest to make everything right with her world and not always being successful, but with such strength of character you know he’s going to do whatever it takes. Awwwwww. His partnership with David is almost something that he needs, because they’re more whole together than separate. That sense of connection and dare I say it community, in this cleverly built world was something quite special. And, Jelly Shoes. sigh.

Gorgeous writing and a small town that just invites you in. Get the goodness here at All Romance eBooks or Aspen Mountain Press.


4 thoughts on “Happy Ending by LB Gregg.

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  1. Aw. Sniff. So glad you enjoyed it, Sarah.

    And who can resist a little Boy Butter now and again? It’s just so aptly named. Seth is such a man. Merow.

  2. I loved Seth and David. For being so different from each other they were just explosive together and it was great.

    Love that LB!

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