Inland Empire by by James Buchanan.

Nicky and Brandon are back, and this time they’re on Brandon’s turf.

Nicky’s still on disability when he comes to Riverside to visit Brandon and pick up his ‘Querida’ from the Bakersfield’s impound lot. Brandon loves having Nicky around, but at the same time, he’s worried someone might find out that Nicky’s more than just a friend.

When Nicky becomes involved with the Task Force Brandon’s on, the tension ratchets higher as Brandon’s paranoia about being outed increases. Will his inability to step out of the closet mean the end of his relationship with Nicky? Or will the danger of the case they’re on make it all a moot point?

From Torquere Books.

inlandempire200Cheating Chance was such an enjoyable read and I’ve been waiting ages for Inland Empire, the 2nd installment in the series. Unfortunately I’m not much one for serialized books, I just don’t have the patience! The wait was worth it though and if anything this volume was even better than the first.

The development of the characters, particularly Brandon, made for compulsive reading and had me up till 2am. I had bags under my eyes! But the book doesn’t just have well developed characters and angsty conflict, there was some really great police procedural writing too, which had me totally hooked.

The sex in the book was so good. SO GOOD. Lovely rope work, even lovelier frottage and the BDSM aspects were hawt. I’m not usually one for talking during sex in a book, but there was something about the way this was written that floated my boat. Nicky and Brandon are incredibly sexy in all their tattooed, dirty boy goodness and I liked it much.

To pick up both books check them out here at Torquere and Cheating Chance is up at AREbooks.


7 thoughts on “Inland Empire by by James Buchanan.

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  1. I’m almost finished with this one, and Nicky and Brandon are going to be two of my characters in the genre. It’s fun to read something with “ass pounding” and plot!

    1. LOL! I don’t mind if you use it, but “ass pounding” is one of Sarah’s phrases, so you’ll have to ask her. BTW, I finished book 2 and loved it!

  2. Oh, dear, I’ve just discovered your blog and am poking around through this year. I can see you’re going to be bad news for my ebook budget. 😉 *heads off to add recs to Evernote*

    1. LOL. I aim to please! I have some recs over at Good Reads also where I keep a list of the books I’ve got and my impressions. Sometimes I don’t always write anything, but there is stars to go by. 🙂 Happy reading and purchasing!!

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