Chicken Ranch: Hunger by Amanda Young.

For the poorest of the poor, desperate to get out, nothing’s worse than being homeless and hungry. Not even selling your body. Declan jumps at the chance when it’s offered, but then he falls in love…
From Loose Id.

chicken ranch amanda youngI hate to say this, cause I know it will make me seem somewhat aged, but I do remember The Best Little Whore House in Texas coming out on video AND being allowed to watch it. My parents were obviously total freaks, for which I am extremely grateful because I LOVED it. Possibly because of the clip of the football boys dancing below. O-o It was cool beans. So, reading this book, which was very reminiscent of TBLWHIT crossed with Pretty Woman, made me a wee bit nostalgic.

Hunger was enjoyable and just a little bit grubby. Declan is a hustler with heart, cute freckles and a passion for Killian. While I found some of their relationship a little hard to fathom, and occasionally needing a little more warmth, they were overall a sweet couple. I was also really was interested to see how the author handled the transition from being a prostitute to shacking up with his one true love. Not to mention the whole semi virginal thing. Luckily my suspension of disbelief leapt into action, so  it was all ok. Phew! The pacing was quick and a lot was packed in for a shorter novel, with the potential to flesh out more of the secondary characters for a series. Cute and quick read.

Check out the ebook here at Loose Id.
Amanda Young’s Website and Twitter.


7 thoughts on “Chicken Ranch: Hunger by Amanda Young.

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  1. I looked at this one and considered it for a while. I wasn’t sure about the the whole ‘there’s nothing I can do except become a whore’ plot. I like Amanda Young’s books though, and I think you’ve convinced me to give it a go.

  2. This one is super cute!! Amanda’s books are sexy and charming. It’s pretty obvious she has fun writing them, and that carries over to her readers.

    I enjoyed Hunger too. And I really don’t think she could’ve gotten a more perfect cover than this one. It totally captures the story. 🙂 I think most of the “hooker with a heart of gold” stories require a deliberate suspension of disbelief which I’m more than willing to employ. Yum!

  3. omg I sooo remember TBLWIT! I used to think that aggie dance was great. Now I look and see really skinny football players and aggies wearing pink. Never. Happen. lol

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