Dear Bookseller…

I saw the Expresso Book Machine in a news article here the other week on local news. I was pretty excited that with local media actually talking about electronic publishing, eReaders and the like, that we may actually see a real example in NZ. And, god forbid, taking ePublishing to its next iteration with the introduction of print on demand. The future (it’s not all just sheep doing the haka here).

Picture 1Living at the bottom of the world is certainly beautiful, but getting paperbacks and comics here for a reasonable price can be a bit of a joke. Because of transportation costs the lines carried here are a lot smaller than the US, UK and Australia. For goodnessake, we only got Charlaine Harris and Laurell. K Hamilton into shops here in the last 3-4 years! Before that most of what I’ve picked up has been imported from the US through Amazon. Incredibly costly I can assure you!! (see picture above O-o) Having the Expresso with access to a wide variety of publisher catalogues would be magic. And, of course a pricing structure that reflects the reduced cost of not having to import physical stock and keep books on shelves. Or maybe a price per page, so you pay based on manufacturing cost. I am getting just a bit excited just thinking about it. :p

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate having eBooks and eComics more readily available now, but sometimes it is just nice to have a paperback and it also appeals to my bookshelf fetish. I like to see books on my shelves, especially those special ones that I re read. And,  I have GOOD shelves! Shelf porn. merow.

I think despite the problems facing some publishers, now is an incredibly exciting time for readers due to the technology that is maturing and becoming available with regards eBooks, eReaders and this wee gem of a POD machine. WANT NOW PLEASE!

Some other articles of note –
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AND my favorite link this week, Red-Hot and Filthy Library Smut. Rowrr.


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  1. Hey Leah, wouldn’t that be so cool? It would have to be a strict diet of carrots though, cause all my cash would be spent on books!!!

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