Hell Cop 2 by Astrid Amara, Nicole Kimberling and Ginn Hale.

The Hell Cops of Parmas City serve and protect humans, sorcerers, and demons alike. But when corpses start turning up in their wake, they have to do more than fight for their lives. They have to fight for their loves.

hellcop 2The first Hell Cop was incredibly enjoyable and something just that little bit different. In this 2nd book they’re building on already established relationships and reading it was like visiting with old friends. God. I am such a sap. But it was just so good!

Trust Me, by Astrid Amara, has Jay and Brian a year down the track. Jay still delights in being able to touch someone and Brian is growing into his own skin after the revelations’ in the previous book. The growth of the characters relationship was beautifully done and the hook of Brian’s lack of control was an engaging one. He begins to realize that his ability to touch Jay does not exclude him from being left and his need to learn to control his power, or risk loosing his lover, becomes paramount. A sexy, perceptively written story that does not just look at the surface of a relationship, but delves deeply into its workings.

In Dark Waters, by Nicole Kimberling, the world building is tight and I like her attention to little things that make for vivid reading. The balance of power in a relationship, knowing when to listen and when to argue, brought a warmness to the story. Michael is such a professor and I like how out of his comfort zone he is with Argent at times, when he cannot use his mind reading powers. Parts were also surprisingly funny and had me laughing out loud. I think Bert’s – a bunch of drunken goat-legged midgets and that poor, maligned turtle were rather amusing. hehe. 🙂

Hell CopFinally, in Such Heights by Ginn Hale, dark and broody Moran returns on another case with his blond and gorgeous journalist lover  James. Moran is still determined to resist till the last and I think there is nothing more satisfying than reading about this cop being brought to his knees. So to speak. O-o The floating palace was a very cool world with tentacle like spells and enslaved demons, which made for a cool backdrop for the characters.

Freeloading, hippie mermaids, large bovine like creatures, pocket demons and castles that travel about in the air. These 3 authors write books that I want to read. Get it here from Loose Id. Also, check out Hell Cop 1 here.

PS. I would seriously like some fan art. Commissions I wonder??


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  1. I just had a quick look – I am just getting around to Hell Cop 1 – and i am so looking forward to it..

    will come back and comment later…

    I am glad to know this book deals with the same characters and not totally new books..



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