Tangle – Anthology.

11 stories of magic, mystery and the fantastic future, all featuring gay heroes. Swordsmen, cyborgs, magicians, ghosts, psychic lovers and enchanted lords fill this anthology with adventure, laughter and passion.
From Blind Eye Books.

tangleEdited by Nicole Kimberling this anthology has some fantastic reads in it. While there were one or two that did not strike a chord, the majority were rather enjoyable.

I think the standouts for me are the delightful fairy tale of Lord Ronan’s Shoes and Remember both by Astrid Amara. She always manages to slip in a rather dry, cheeky sense of humor, that I appreciate! Crossing the Distance by Erin MacKay was some seriously angsty stuff, which indulged my inner emo kid. heh. Finally, Feral Machines by Ginn Hale was just magic. I did not want this one to end, it was truly a fab read.

This is certainly an eclectic selection of stories and part of the books charm is this diversity. Most enjoyable and available now from Blind Eye Books.


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  1. I have this one, but I haven’t started it because it’s soooooo long. Maybe I should just keep it on my nightstand and do one story each night. I really do want to read Astrid’s and Ginn’s stories.

  2. Thanks for reading and reviewing! I’m glad you enjoyed. I love Erin Mackay’s story as well… really engrossing. And I *guess* I’ll admit I loved Ginn’s novella too, *smirk* although I resent her making me fall in love with a robot.

    1. Jen, definitely a nightstand book. I read it over a week – which was good as I am utterly shagged at the moment so it was nice a short. Ginn and Astrid are marvy. Let me know what you think!!

      Hey Val, that robot was a gem! Did you like the wee tentacled fellows? I thought they were super cute and kinda funny.

      Hey Astrid, it was a groovy read. I think I have read one other novel with a man/machine thing going on and I kinda liked it. ALOT! Think it was called Meat? Or something like that. Odd title, cool premise. I liked it much. Too many movies like Universal Soldier and Terminator as a kid. Have a rather firm fixation!

  3. Yes, those little pudgy robot dudes from Feral Machines were too funny. They seemed to have their own culture/personalities that were amusing with just the right touch of darkness to keep it from getting cute.

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