Brother to Dragons by Carlos García and François Peneaud.

brother_to_dragons_pic_0When farm boy Alaï meets the bearish coachman Jiki, he doesn’t imagine there’ll be more to their time together than just good, hot sex — perhaps even hotter than times spent with his lithe cousin Rano.

But in this Middle Ages world, everybody seems to have an agenda, including a mysterious Mage with sinister intent. Clearly Alaï is destined for great things, and his comings… and goings are carefully scrutinized by the forces of both good and evil.
Class Comics.

This is such a sexy read. I just adored Alaï from the get go and throughly enjoyed his adventures in this very cool historical fantasy comic. This particular genre appeals to me a great deal and the comic has great potential to shape up into an interesting series with pretty solid world building and an intriguing story line.

The art is beautiful and I thought the varitey of men of all shapes, sizes and look was especially appealing. The contrast between Alaï and Jiki is luscious and while some of the other scenes are more out and out smex, some are incredibly sensuous and I liked them much. Carlos is seriously clever!

I enjoyed the story, but it is just the beginning of a series and although there is a sense of closure at the end there is lots left to pick up in the next comic. Definitely a setting the scene kind of yarn and as yet there is no release date for the 2nd comic, so not sure when you’d get the next installment. Like all good things though, I guess they come to those who wait – even if they’re impatient bints like me!!

To pick up this gorgeous comic in either electronic format or comic, check them out here at Class Comics. Carlos García has a great blog called A Guy Who Draws Guys here and  François Peneaud runs a cool comic site The Gay Comic List and check out his bio here at Prism.


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