Man’s Best Friend by Kazusa Takashima.

mans best friendWhen Ukyo rescues a stray dog, he soon learns that he may have made a rare find. His new dog , who he’s named Kuro, can talk! And if that’s not crazy enough, soon Kuro is able to magically transform into a human! With his dog now taking the form of a hot man and licking him in various places, what is Ukyo to do?! From the artist of Wild Rock comes Man’s Best Friend! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?
From Blu.

This was a seriously cute read and I am so glad I picked it up. I have read Wild Rock by the same author and enjoyed it, and yep, it was totally pron romantic and angst!

The story is well scripted and I was totally engaged from start to finish. It was at times amusing, smexy and just pain fun. The trials and tribulations of life with a partner who is a shifter and a cute pooch, as opposed to some behemoth of a wolf, was a little different from most of the paranormal stuff I read and enormously appealing.

There were three separate stories about Ukyo and Kuro with much ummmm… licking, walking and smex. (it’s good honest!) There are also two other short stories about Kasumi and Ken, who meet when they’re younger and have this whole passionate avowal of ‘I’ll always wait for ewe,’ thing going on (it was sweet!). I totally felt like I got much bang for my buck. The final short is about a shifting goldfish… O-o … which was a little different I must say, although not as weird as a shapeshifting seagull.

The art is gorgeous and, did I already say, cute? Seriously, it is all beautifully drawn and the panels just flowed. I liked it much!

You can check it out here at Blu, buy via Amazon, and do have a look at this great review at Sequential Tart. If you’re keen on this kind of story then I recommend Anne Cain’s Paw Prints series too, which you can get here at Loose Id or All Romance ebooks.


8 thoughts on “Man’s Best Friend by Kazusa Takashima.

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  1. For some strange reason I think i would really like this book….lol. it seems like a cute, funny, but much smexing..My kinda read

    1. So am I!!! I actually managed to get hold of some via ebay type shop. Which is far cheaper than Amazon – 2nd hand but in fab condition. 🙂

  2. I dunno how I missed this review! I’ve had MBF on my wish list for a while now. It looks adorable. For some reason, I’m more drawn to the cute manga than the really hot ones. This looks perfect!

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