It is cold here, currently 4°C. AND I have a cold and feel like utter ass. I have spent the last few of days in front of the telly watching Miss Marple with the fire going. She is my comfort watch. The only truly good Miss Marple was the incomparable Joan Hickson. What a marvel. You can get all her BBC series here and it is such worthwhile watching. Have also been watching Never Mind the Buzzcocks, nearly laughed myself sick. Brilliant stuff and bloody funny.


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  1. Oh my dear, that sucks cow turds that you are sick. Heh, it’s hard to imagine that it’s cold somewhere. I reckon it’s the same for you guys when we northerners are bitching about the cold and snow.

    I hope you feel better soon. And Miss Marple, I LOVE HER! Miss Marple is good comfort watching fur sures.

    PS. I never heard of John Barrowman but this clip was very funny.

    1. God the Buzzcocks has had me laughing my wee ass off. It is Brilliant. QI is also cool and there is another one I cannot remember the name of that does current events. Some funny stuff!

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