Bravo, Brava by Jet Mykles, J.P. Bowie and Kimberly Gardner.

bravo bravaAfter reading the gorgeous Lola Dances and then Skirt by Jet Mykles, it would seem I have a penchant for the occasional gender bending story. After some of the desultory reading I’ve had in the past few weeks, this was a welcome return to good writing.

Jet has certainly nailed it with her contribution to this anthology. The pacing is fantastic and it is incredibly evocative – lots of show rather than tell and it had me hooked. The premise was great and the chemistry between the leads was incredibly hot. A superb piece from one of my favourite authors that totally fogged my glasses.

JP Bowies piece was enjoyable, but at times I felt like there was a lot going on for such a short story. It was nice to see something set in Britan and I had no trouble picturing the gorgeous cop in the story. SUCH a sucker for sexy  cops. heh. Apart from a little confusion over who was who at the beginning and a feeling that there needed to be a little more coherence in the story line it was a reasonably enjoyable read.

The final story from Kimberly Gardner was hot and sexy. I enjoyed most of it, but  wondered if the villain was essential to the narrative. I felt maybe more focus should have gone on Kieran’s conflict, not knowing how David would react to his cross dressing. A sweet read though. 

This was a pleasure to read and all I can say is thank goodness for good writing.This book definitely made my weekend. 🙂

Get the goodness here from MLR Press

Free short story links to check out.

Helluvaween – Skirt by Jet Mykles. A tad x-rated!
Between Celebrations – Candy by Jet Mykles and Hiding Place. JUST a wee bit more of the x-rated! Read them both, they’re VERY cool. ;p
Excerpt Bravo, Brava.


2 thoughts on “Bravo, Brava by Jet Mykles, J.P. Bowie and Kimberly Gardner.

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    1. I am so spoilt. It was a cool read, definitely a little different and I always enjoy the quality of their work. And ok…. it was a little grubby. heh.

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