I am slack. RL is busy, so here we go, a few short reviews and thoughts of books I’ve read over the past couple of weeks.

the janitorThe Janitor by Jan Irving. From the cover I went in expecting a boxer type who was kinda blue collar and rough around the edges. Yeah, and maybe a little dirty. heh. I can see what the author was trying to accomplish, but there is a difference between a character who is a little dim, to someone who needs a caregiver. The elements needed to make good D/s pairing were not apparent, the plot required a great deal of suspention of disbelief and I’m afraid I found this a difficult read to finish. Nice cover though! Purchase.

torn sage whistlerTorn by Sage Whistler. Jebus wept. Just go read the blurb and enjoy this supremely pron guilty pleasure. Recommended via Jen and I’m SO looking forward to reading more from this author. Purchase. I am still feeling just a wee bit grubby. O-o

lone rowan mcbrideLone by Rowan McBride. In parts I felt the narrative was a little choppy and needed to be a little tighter. But, for all that I enjoyed the read. Much, much angst and the smex between the two main characters is freakin hot and well worth a read. I think it was the difference in size and body type that nailed it for me. Merow. Purchase.

ThePhoenixTJ3The Phoenix by Ruth Sims. The first two thirds of the book were well written and enjoyable. I’ve not read a lot of historical m/m and think it is a difficult genre to do well. While I did enjoy most of it, the latter part of the book were a little more difficult to like. It could have ended a great deal sooner and seemed to drag on to the point where the story got a little overwrought and melodramatic. This is defnitely an author I’d pick up again as I enjoyed her writing style, but the end to this particular book was a little disappointing. Purchase.

zeroattheboneZero at the Bone by Jane Seville. This is proving a hard one to finish, mainly due to ‘D’ being an incredibly unsympathetic character. I just cannot warm to him. I’ve managed to plow my way through quite a bit of the book and cannot read any more as I can’t see how this character can be redeemed. I love redemption in a novel, it is a great theme. But, some characters just cannot go there without some serious suspension of disbelief. Purchase.

adderallyblueAdder by Ally Blue. I liked this book much, till the last couple of chapters where I had a bit of a WTF moment. Some things in a romance novel just push my buttons and this one sure did that. In spite of this, I really liked the characters and read this delicious bit of goodness in nearly one sitting. Flamboyant rock stars and band drama totally dooo eeet for me! Unfortunately, one characters actions had my eyebrows nearly sitting in my hairline and I cannot say I was pleased with how it ended. It was a happily ever afterly, but….
I’ll definitely been keeping an eye out for more band boy goodness in what I am hoping is a series of books. Fingers crossed. Purchase.

MourningDoveswebMourning Doves by Angela Romano. I am THE shallowest person ever. I brought this book due to the gorgeous cover by Anne Cain. OK, and maybe there was a star next to it at ARE. I like stars, they’re shiny! I am nearly 1/2 way through and I am still not sure who the main characters are as a lot of attention is on others. And plot? There is a lot of extraneous stuff that does not seem central to the story and I’ve found it a little difficult to figure out the story arc. There are no longing looks between anyone really and the occasional bit of dialog has had me cringing. But, boy does that cover rock my wee socks off. Purchase.


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  1. Great short reviews Sarah! Very intriguing and interesting choices..oh by the way, I dont know when yet, but Im thinking about joining Twitter (like I need yet another social network to get addicted to) LOL

    1. YES! Twitter is dreadful, terrible time waster… I have got to stop
      twittering and read more. But, is fun… come to the dark side Ozakie

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