Class Comics Digital.

cadclogoI got my first digital Class Comics last weekend. The instant gratification of goods arriving as soon as you’ve paid for it appeals to my impatient pants nature, so yay digital!

Was it easy and painless? Yes it was, for the most part. Because they are DRM they do require the installation of a reader and a license file. Once you’ve decided on what you’re reading you pay, download the comic and wait a while for the licence file to arrive via email then away you go. It was pretty basic. There are instructions for the digitally challenged and if you do have problems the lovely Class help desk are but an email away… or one can ask ones partner. O-o. Ones very forbearing partner. heh.

brother_to_dragons_pic_0I read two very cool comics, Deimos #0 and Brother to Dragons. So, get your behind over to Class and give it a crack. They’re around $3.50 each and definitely worth a look. I just noticed there is a buy 3 get one free offer on too. hmm. More for the tbr pile. 😀

Tina Anderson has some titles she recommends here. Worth checking out is her review of The Initiation, which I have in print, and basically… what she said. heh. Those boys are pretty, hot and the comic has much smexy action. My copy is well thumbed. ;p

What I would like is something like Comic Rack to add them to. Comic Rack only reads cbr and cbz files unfortunately. But, it is a cool program and allows you to have all your comics in a viewable library app. What would be even cooler would be something that I could view my ebooks and comics in, that coped with any accompanying digital rights management software and formats.  

The Initiation Class ComicsIf we had loads of cash and were to move into nerd territory then having a monitor that has a base that swivels would be great. Portrait mode is more suited to reading and would allow my Class Comic boys to be even bigger. O-o Unfortunately when ones partner is cheap and only gets the 24″ with the crappiest base in the world, one just has to settle for mere geekiness.

If you’ve any suggestions for Library management applications, that have a similar interface to iTunes, do leave a comment. I’d love to hear about them.

Class Comics.
Comic Rack.


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