The beard.

tom-selleckI am officially a beard lover. I think it may have started initially as a carry over from my teenage years and many grubby fantasies about Tom Selleck and his luxurious mustache, with maybe a little bit of Burt *of the hairy chest* thrown in for good measure (Always had the overwhelming urge to pat him) but it is the beard that I’m a fan of right now and my current beard crush is Damien Crosse. (honest, it’s just the beard. NO other reason. O-o heh.) AND, of course Jason Statham is god.

Not a long beard either. The woolly, wild beard might have a certain feisty appeal, but no ta, thanks all the same. And, lets not even go there with Alan Moore’s beard or even worse 2 x Alan Moore’s beard starring in Alan Moore yaoi, god so not work safe. (that one is well stuck in my head O-o).


I could only think of a few heroes who had beards in books. Nate from My Fair Captain, Rhis in Finders Keepers by Linnea Sinclair has a mo, Tony Stark in Iron Man, Deimos and Naked Justice by Patrick Fillion. Who else? 

Maybe I’m in the minority? Does the vast populace of readers prefer a more clean shaven look? Does the smaller community of writers not want to describe the more hirsute individual? Any thoughts AND can you think of more titles, be they comics, ebooks or paperbacks where the hero has a beard?

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  1. /drools

    I simply adore the bearded man-candy! (I’ve always had a soft spot for dear Tom.)

    I was in the middle of re-reading a Sentinel slash fic when I took a Twitter break and saw your update about this post. It was a Sentinel /Magnum crossover… Coincidence? LOL

  2. Heh, I don’t mind them if they are very trimmed up, not close to the skin didn’t shave for 2 days but longer and trimmed up tight. But as I’ve aged, I’m not so hot on them in general.

    I was a teenager in the 70’s and I loved, loved guys/men with beards, you know the full Jeramiah Johnson, mountain man type beard. But then I lived in Asia for many years and really got off on no hair.

    Now, I’m a no hair, bald head kind of girl. Although the DH has a stache and tiny goatee, which I like.

  3. I spat coffee. No kidding. That Alan Moore porn was an eye scrubber– but the comment was priceless.

    Yes to neat and tidy Nate Beard. Boo to Santa Claus or Grizzly Adams.

  4. Hey Leah, not so sure I am keen on the mountain man kinda beard, but kinda like a short goatee and mo. 🙂
    LB, that Moore stuff is just nasty, but funny as hell. heh. And, not a Santa fetish kinda girl.

  5. Goatees? Yes, thanks to Vishous who made me a convert. Stubbles? Oh yeah, thanks to Gerry Butler, Hugh Jackman and various other hotties who showed me it could be hot. Mustaches? HELL no. My dad had a mustache for most of my life. Anyone with a bushy mustache will remind me of a father figure so, not sexy. Shave them clean, and ten maybe I can think about it :).

    1. Why did I not think of Vishous. I am such a tit, and he was one of my favorite characters! Although he should have ended up with Butch… but I digress. heh. Aww, no mo for you? I understand!

      1. You can disgress on Butch and Vishous all you want, my dear, I’m certainly not the one who’s going to oppose 😀 I have them on the brain pretty much all the time…and V is the only reason I started looking favorably at any kind of facial hair on “real” men – meaning not stars or movie/book characters :-DD Lol.

        P.S. When I look at V with Jane, I find myself wishing he ended up with Butch too. 😀 I do like Butch and Marissa together, but compared with what he could have been with V, and how much it was the connection between the two males that made Lover Revealed for me… I agree with you. But I disgress, too. Lol.

      2. Can you imagine. Bet that would have turned the romance world on its ear. WISH she had done it and with no skimping either. 😀 Digress=good.

  6. Hugh Jackman could look like a damned yeti, fleas and all, and I’d gladly dig through that pelt to get to the jewels.

    The sexiest of all my characters has a nicely kept ‘stache and modest beard. MB knows, I think, to whom I’m referring. 😉 And the newest book cover has a an almost creepily accurate portrayal of him.

  7. Scruff is good… no one likes the mo? 😦

    Come on now, surely you have to admit Magnum in his day in those short shorts was sex on a stick?? No, just me then? O-o.

  8. The smooth-twink looking guys are not interesting to me. Give me a man with scruff, hairy chest, and a treasure trail right to the base of the goods.

  9. When I saw the title of your post on my sidebar I thought you meant beard as in companion. lol Duh. Oh well.

    I love trim, neat beards on men – no wolf men for me. The longer the grosser imho. 🙂

  10. Yes to short beards, stubble, and scruff. Very sexy. Not every guy can pull it off though. My hubby looks nice with a full beard rowr. I ask him to grow one every winter, and sometimes he humors me. 🙂

  11. Le Sigh. Hugh Jackman. Simply there are no words. Okay there are a few: He is hella fine! LOL. The man looks like that, can act, AND can sing and dance! Drool

    And I will be the first to say as a little lad, I had many, many, many dreams of Tom Selleck during his heyday of Magnum PI! U are right, Sarah, that hairy chest, mustache, and short shorts. He truly was sex on a stick!

  12. TP – Excellent, someone else with the imminently good taste to enjoy a well groomed mustache.

    Hey Sideon, I must say that smooth and sexy does float my boat, but I’m so with you on the treasure trail. 😀

    Jill, you lucky girl. heh.

    Hey Ozakie, I know some didn’t really like the Hugh Vogue stuff, but god he’s just lickable!! As for Tom, it’s the shorts and those damn long legs. Gets me every time.

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