Happy birthday wee blog.

rain2It was a night much like this one, bucketing down, when I started my blog while sitting in bed with my laptop (named Boo). We have an iron roof and any heavy rain makes itself known, but its a nice, soothing kind of noise. I usually have my nose in a book and there is something about the noise of the rain and being tucked up inside that makes me feel pretty lucky to be where I am. So, that’s why Rain On The Roof. (and in all honesty, it sounded catchier in my head. heh).

So here I am, a year later and loads of visitors, I think I’ve accomplished some of what I set out to do originally, which was review a few books. I am still not sure why merman porn searchers end up here though. heh.

I try to do what Merlin Man says

Find your obsession. Every day, explain it to one person you respect. Edit everything, skip shortcuts, and try not to be a dick. Get better.

I’m working on it…

I’ve had the pleasure of doing interviews with some incredibly talented artists, writers and a model. And, there are more to come.

I’ve sent poorly written fangirl letters to the most patient and kind italian artist. (I am such a dork, but he refrained from telling me I was a crazy fangirl so there you go, there ARE polite people on the internet).

zoomWatched on in utter delight as one of my one of my favorite bloggers got published.

Got a little sad when this blog got broke. Got happy when it started up again.

Read the most wonderful books AND was sent a few paperbacks along the way. Which is weird, but nice. SO nice. Have also read some dreadful books. Publishers, please to be thinking of my wallet!

Got sent gorgeous, sexy comics and pron! Moar plz, kthnxba! And, hung out at the Boytoons blog a bit. (not a crazed fan, honest!)

Watched lots of movies. Some better than others. 

Had lunch with a friend.

Spent far too much time on twitter, good reads and library thing. A lot of my time on the net resembles this – minus the writer bits.

Discovered the Banana Boys Blog. Have had to scrub my eyes a few times. And was told it’s ok to be a bit of a grub.

Heard about Sticky Pen. Thought it was something I best checked out. Jesus wept. 

Had lots of fun. Met some wicked cool people and have a massive google reader of blogs I lurk at follow.

Happy birthday wee blog. 🙂 And, thank you to my faithful readers, all 3 of you! heh.

PS if there are any errors in this post, blame my editor who has nodded off.



20 thoughts on “Happy birthday wee blog.

Add yours

    1. I am a blog lurker too. Don’t always post. Sometimes I have nothing remotely interesting to say other than woot. But, always read. heh. Ta Leah, you’re a sweetie.

  1. Haaaaaappy Birthday! I love the new look. Very sleek, and I’m partial to raindrops. My new blog design (coming soon) has rain too. 🙂

    1. Cool!!! I cannot wait to see it. Hope the knitting is going well. I was most impressed with what you’d done in such a short time on the plane. Would have taken me eons!

  2. Delurking to wish you a happy birthday!!!! I’ve not been reading much lately (work hell) but I keep coming back to your reviews and they’re all on my TBR list.
    Love the new look btw : )

    1. Hey thanks Lee, and so nice to hear from you! And, for the blog
      feedback. Still not sure if I like, it’s getting there though! And, I
      appreciate you taking the time to read – always!

  3. Happy birthday, cute little blog!! You’ve come so far in just a year. I’m so proud. *sniffle*

    BTW, I love this layout. I keep forgetting to tell you that.

  4. Oh I’m behind but I wanted to wish you a very happy blog anniversary!

    I love that you named your laptop Boo! So cute.

  5. Happy Day, Wee Blog. It was fun discovering your blog a couple of months ago, Sarah. You made me feel very welcome. So big thanks and hugs to you!

  6. Happy Birthday Blog! Im so thankful that I found your blog Sarah. It truly is one of the best blogs out there for finding m/m loving, comics, yaoi, and the like. Here’s to many more birthdays! I salute you and let the rain keep falling!

  7. Hey Tracy, thank you. You’re very kind. 🙂 I ❤ my Boo. He is great and terribly trusty!

    Kris, thanks dude. Loving your booksluts are us by the way, heh.

    John, thank you so much for posting. You’re too kind. Srsly and I am loving your cover concepts, they’re looking gorgeous and rather sexy!!!!! 😀

    Hey Ozakie, long time no see! Thanks for your kind words and I hope all is well over your way and you’re reading much. You’ve reminded me, I need to do some more comic posts. I have a few reviews lined up to do… but am a procrastinator at the moment. heh.

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