Tigers and Devils by Sean Kennedy.

tad-webFootball, friends, and film are the most important parts of Simon Murray’s life, likely in that order. Despite being lonely, Simon is cautious about looking for more, and his best friends despair of him ever finding that special someone to share his life. Against his will, they drag him to a party…
From Dreamspinner Press. 

This was the most addictive book to read. Written in first person, I found Simon’s story rather difficult to put down. At times he was a bit whiny and I did get a little over his trials and tribulations with his mates, but Simon was an appealing character who I found myself cheering on silently in his relationship woes. He does try, really!

Although I am not a huge sports fan, I am a total freak for sports romances and seeing one about the very high testosterone field of football was a definite winner for me. That it was also set in a city not too far away from where I am was also a huge plus. Most romance novels are set in the US. Which is fine for the most part, but it is nice to read about other places in the world and this one felt very familiar and the authors voice was incredibly engaging.

While I did enjoy the book a great deal, I had a few problems with the length. Some parts in the last third or so of the book felt extraneous and I wondered if the latter parts of the novel could have been a little tighter. Sometimes less is more. Despite this, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, it was a great holiday read. More please!

Get the book here from All Romance ebooks.
Sean Kennedy’s website.


5 thoughts on “Tigers and Devils by Sean Kennedy.

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  1. Thanks for that! I have that book on my wish list already, but I need comments like that on a regular basis to remind me of why it deserves to be switched to the cart ;).

  2. Hey Mary, I found it rather appealing. Needed a little less at the end but it did not detract hugely for me. Love to know what you think when you’re done! 🙂

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