iPhones and naked stuff.

nekkid-iphone-guy2My new most favoriteist site ever. Guys with iPhones. So sexy and so naked! I likey. Follow on twitter as well!


9 thoughts on “iPhones and naked stuff.

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  1. Hey Leah, like the naked, some of them are pretty cute. Some, just hehehehe. Ta for the blog likey. Have just discovered I really suck at css. My html also blows, but less so that css – which I just don’t get!!!

    LB – heh. Wouldn’t that be funny. O-o or not. Could be hairy!

    Jen, noooo, not for work and you KNOW you’d pass it on. hehe.

  2. Wow what a site! lol Some of those photos were pretty hot while others I think I may not recover from – even after scouring my eyes with comet! lol Thanks for the link! 🙂

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