Out of My Mind by M.L. Rhodes.

mlrhodesoutofmymindFor four years Rafferty Jones and Nick Tucker have worked side by side as police detectives in their small Maine town. But lately, Rafferty’s imagination has been creating fantasies about Nick more specifically, about Nick and him together that have shocked Rafferty. Detailed erotic scenarios a thirty something, set in his ways straight man shouldn’t be imagining. He’s been struggling to keep them secret, afraid that if Nick discovers the truth it will end their friendship. But with each passing day it’s getting harder and harder to pretend Nick is “just” a friend. And harder and harder for Rafferty to come to terms with the possibility he might not be as straight as he’s always believed
From Amber Quill Press

As I’ve said previously, I am a huge fan of the unrequited best friend – I love you but don’t want to lose you – romance at the moment. This was a great read and I am fast becoming a total junkie for  M.L. Rhodes work.

There is something very sexy about having a secret love. Every look, inadvertent touch and word is layered with meaning and I think the tension that the author created was hot. Often authors stray into the gay for you shtick, which does not float my boat, so I think she handled Rafferty coming to terms with his feelings for Nick beautifully. 

What I felt was particularly hot was the scene on the boat. That feeling of pent-up sexual desire and need was smokin and I do believe my spectacles were a little fogged. merow.

I don’t think the author pulled too many punches with Rafferty’s coming out either. It was not all roses and bunnies, but did to a certain degree have a romance novel buffer between reality and fiction. 

A book well worth reading with smexy goodness, which you can check out here at All Romance ebooks.
M.L. Rhodes Website.


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  1. Oh yes, the boat sex scene. Verrrry nice. Yum. This book has some great sexual tension, no? Super hot. In fact, I’m thinking about a re-read.

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