Custom Ride by K.A. Mitchell.

custom-ride-ka-mitchellA stint in the military left Ryan with a bitter memory of life in the closet. Jeff, a mechanic, has too much to lose if his private life goes public. The heat of their attraction boils over on a stormy summer night, but satisfying that need only makes them both crave more.
From Samhain Publishing.

I am a confirmed K.A. Mitchell fangirl, so it was kinda cool to discover a book of hers I had not actually read. It is a part of an anthology called Temperature’s Rising, but you can purchase Custom Ride on its own. 

The book is seriously hot right from the get go, so not for those who don’t like it a little bit dirty. Fortunately, I do and that first scene warmed the cockles of my grubbly little pron heart. I liked the idea of a big, well muscled mechanic with tattoos all over this ex military boy in a bar. They’re both so overcome with lust and Ryan can’t help but give in to this brick wall of a guy. Noice! I think this is one thing that K.A. does particularly well, that immediate sex. No pissing about and waiting for chapter 4.

Once I moved on from the pron though, the story while ok, was perhaps not as meaty as I am used to. Yes, I can hear you now telling me it’s an anthology, it is supposed to be short and succinct, but it felt like it lacked the depth of character that I’ve come to expect from one of her books. They were still likable and the the story was good, but it lacked some of the polish her later books have. And, the end, what on earth? I had a bit of a moment at the end. I kept flicking back and forth through the pdf to see if I had skipped some pages, but no. That really was the end and it was rather abrupt. (I want my happily ever afterly please. Kthnxbye)

So, sexy read with abrupt ending. Get it here from the lovely Samhain Publishing or All Romance ebooks.


7 thoughts on “Custom Ride by K.A. Mitchell.

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  1. Why have I not read her? DAMN IT.

    Love the smex off the bat stories as well, if it works for the book. And now I’m so intrigued about the ending! You taunting tease.

    1. hehehe. Cannot imagine you winging Jen!!! You shy, retiring thing! I will check out the link, am stoked. Want to know what happens next! Will add link to review too. Thanks sweetie!

  2. I’m gradually working my way through KA Mitchell’s backlist. I’ll definitely check this out when I’m in the mood for some instant smexxing.

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