Saihoshi The Guardian Omnibus by Kôsen.

saihoshiThe spoiled Prince Anel must travel without military escort to a neighboring kingdom where tensions run high. Sastre, an honorable Guardian, is brought in to be Anel’s only protection for the journey. Anel is enchanted by his noble bodyguard, but Sastre becomes more interested in Kaleth, the spirited servant and lover of Prince Anel.
Kaleth is forced to disguise himself as the prince to be a decoy for his enemies. Sastres’ duty is to protect Prince Anel, but in his heart he’d rather keep the decoy safe from harm. If the Guardian Sastre wants to avoid a death sentence he must rescue Prince Anel, defeat his rival Riot, and prevail against a rogue Guardian. That leaves little time to protect Anel’s decoy, who he’s falling in love with.
Net Comics.

I am rather keen on fantasy manga and after reading Crimson Spell I thought I’d give Saihoshi a go. It is beautiful to look at and I do enjoy their artwork. The books itself is nicely bound and was not hugely expensive, as I managed to get it in a shop here and did not have to import, which is always a bonus.

The characters were beautifully drawn and I loved the elaborate costuming. In the back there are several pages of mock ups of attire for Sastre and Kaleth. So pretty! And I admit to a little bit of a girlish moment admiring all of the different looks they’d created. heh. Paper dolls Kosen style? (Took me a long time to give up my Daisy) The weaponry was also incredibly cool and chibi, cute!

saihoshielguardiann0101gI really liked Sastre, he had the whole moody and alpha down pat, with a faint hint of knight in shining. He was rather honorable while the Prince is throwing himself at him and yet at a total loss when it came to Kaleth. I think Kaleth was also a great character. He had a bit of a shitty deal being thrown over by the Prince, but picks himself up and fights. Fiesty, with a purple behind of steel. (would you look at that picture, his butt = tight like a tiger. heh).

I am not convinced however, that the story line was as tight as it could have been. There were a lot of extraneous threads and characters that seemed to detract a little from the central story. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the odd subplot and tangent, but not at the expense of the main characters. In saying that, the extras were VERY pretty.

A good read, not a favorite, but certainly worth having a look at. Get it here at Amazon.
Want their cards, too expensive though! Check them out here on their website.
Check out Kôsen on Flickr
Their Deviant Art Site – so pretty!


7 thoughts on “Saihoshi The Guardian Omnibus by Kôsen.

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  1. Crimson Spell was just gorgeous. Beautiful art work, fantastic characterization and one that I’ve re read many times. This one is good, but just missing a few of the things that made CS a 5 star read.

  2. *gasp* They have a DA site???? O_O I’m gonna lose so many hours browsing that tomorrow.

    This Kosen book looks fantastic. Absolutely gorgeous artwork.

  3. The artowrk looks gorgeous, but I think the additional sublots may be a worry for me.

    If CS, which I loved btw, was a 5, Sarah, how would you rate this one??

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