Justin Monroe naked stuff.

This is still my favorite set of photos by Justin Monroe, errrr, borrowed from Beautiful where you can see the rest of the set – also good to see larger size pics. Pretty! They are just so sexy and I love the color in them. Stunning. His book Down the Rabbit Hole is high on my must have list. But, it is expensive! Bastard recession! However, for free you can have your own wallpaper from Justin via Gay Times UK. Just scroll down the page, wayyyy down… I kinda like the pink and green one down the bottom. Also some lovely new kisses from Armando Branco here. Nice 🙂

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    1. You know, I’ve always wanted to know why on earth they leave them on in pron. It’s either that or they leave their white ankle socks on. Boys are weird.

  1. I like the last pic in the link– the one where one of them is sitting on the floor and the other is standing with his butt toward us. Look at that one again. If you hadn’t seen the previous photos and weren’t familiar with the photographer, would you know that the standing figure is male? Would you be certain? I think Justin caught a very andogynous pose in that shot and the absence of body hair adds to the androgyny. I find myself lingering longer on photographs that raise more questions than answers. Duane Reed has a series of monochromatic photos that also interest me because I cannot reliably determine the sex of the models in them- http://photo.net/photodb/member-photos?user_id=2317814 (via Art Nudes blog)

    Oh, and lest anyone mistake me for someone who actually KNOWS WTF she’s talking about, let me also add… dem boys is NUMMY!


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