Kegs and Dorms

kegsdorms185The best time of a young man’s life is when he hits the college scene. From figuring out the best way to meet guys on campus to testing untried limits, the men of Kegs and Dorms take university life and turn it upside-down. Edited by Jennifer B. with stories by Jane Davitt, Tory Temple, Kiernan Kelly and Stephanie Vaughan

In Kiernan Kelly’s “Secui Domus”, clever Aidan thinks he has a solution for solving campus housing problems, and all he needs is a little help from his friends — including the delicious Bobby Hatcher, who might just carry a torch for Aidan.
Stephanie Vaughan’s “Another Believer” takes a look at the train ride of a lifetime in which two college-bound strangers find they have a chemistry that can’t be denied.
Tory Temple’s “What It’s All About”, a rip-roaring adventure through Rush Week, tells the story of Max, who’s out, proud, and confused.
Last but not least, Jane Davitt’s “Reading Between the Lines” tells the story of Seth and Gabe, the odd-couple-from-hell roommates who are either going to kill each other or fall in love, and it’s anybody’s guess as to which’ll come first.

undie-runBeing a bit of a fan of college pron (all that testosterone, dirty boys, freedom and young sweaty muscles) this book was immediately appealing. Not to mention it had work from Jane Davitt and Stephanie Vaughan who I have enjoyed reading in the past.

I think out of the 4 stories I enjoyed  Stephanie Vaughan’s story the most. 2 boys on a train in a confined space and the tried, but true, beauty and the geek. Loved it! The story from Jane Davitt was entertaining and I did enjoy Seth and Gabe, it made me wonder if she will write more about the boys. They were interesting and I liked the angsty premise. Tory Temple’s work was good, but I think I enjoyed the friendship between Max and his co-worker more than the actual romance. Their interactions were amusing and had me sniggering. Out of the 4 stories I think  Kiernan Kelly’s was the least enjoyable. It felt unedited and lacked the tightness that a short story should have. The plot was not great and the romance seemed odd as it was written for two particular characters to fall for each other and then it didn’t happen that way.

Over all this was a reasonably enjoyable read. If you’re looking for more Dorm Porn then check out this free read or this one handed delightful read, which I can assure you is as steamy as it claims to be. 😀

Get the ebook from Torquere Books.


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  1. Thanks for the recommendation – sounds like a great read. Another good “dorm” book is ” Jock Dorm: Dar and Greg” by Bobby Michaels. There is also a sequel (Jock Dorm: Drew and Vince) that I have not yet read. If I remember correctly, both of these books are available from Loose ID (ebooks).

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