That’s a nice picture!

Pic ganked from Erotic Cover Watch, a cool site from the rather clever Mathilde Madden and Kristina Lloyd. They’re funny, smart  and have some interesting blog posts about inequality in covers and I love their tagline – our bid to Banish Inequality on Covers in Erotica, Porn & Smut. heh. I see in their latest blog post they’ve got a write up in The F Word which makes for some interesting reading, do check them out here after you’ve drooled over the eminently lickable Andres Velencoso Segura.




16 thoughts on “That’s a nice picture!

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  1. hey Katie – he is just pretty. 🙂

    Leah, how are you? Has the snow disappeared yet?

    hhaha LB, you’re such a grub. But, imagine the if it was a m/f/m?? Goodness! Maybe she’s going all Laurell K Hamilton on us.

    I’d prefer Eric and the tiger bloke. Merow.

    He Lee, is nice. Very nice. 🙂 It looks so summery and gorgeous over your way at the moment. Did you catch much? Hope you’ve had no accidents with self tan like ummm, some people I know. 😀 Having red hair I don’t tan. It is unfortunate but true. Total ompa lompa moment and a bit orange. hehehe. The bloke and I have been sleeping in, sitting in the sun and watching cricket. It is so nice.

  2. Lol Sarah
    Nah, not a nibble- too hot apparently. I tan easily but not terribly willingly these days…the sun is so bloody vicious!
    Erik and Quinn…yessss.

  3. Ozakie, I know! He is so pretty all bent over the chair… merow.

    Lee, it is vicious here also. Nasty hole in ozone and all that. I have my fingers crossed tonight for the SA boys 20/20. 😀

  4. Sarah,

    He is rather pretty all bent over the chair. Tres droll. But I do want to thank you for telling us about the blog. They (Kristina and Mathilde) made some very valid posts about erotic book covers..I mean, hello, can we see more man titty? More washboard abs? More bare bottoms?., Dont get me wrong I love the sight of beautiful women (I do) but Im all for the objectification of nekkid menz..Is that too much to ask book publishers? LOL

  5. Yes, I do believe I would read a book that used that first pick as its cover. ;-D

    As for an Eric-Sookie-Bill triangle I admit that I was pro-Eric all the way because Bill pissed me off so much, but the TV series has me lusting after Bill again so I’m hoping this turns out really juicy! I cannot wait!

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