Watching for moths.

gaybandit_smallI am writing this with one eye on my laptop and one on the curtains. It is hot here and I have every window open, but the consequences of this are moths. I detest moths. I have been assured more than once they will not eat much! (lies I tell you!) Worse though are these little heouuuuge nocturnal fellows that visit us each evening. Eww.

Interesting stuff this week, the funniest post from KA Mitchell over at Slash and Burn, about writing while on holiday

xdonnieandclydeHeroes N Hunks is a really cool blog and has some links to a fan produced Star Trek episode. Saw it a wee while ago, but it is still worth watching again. 🙂

London Preppy, so readable. I am addicted. Check out the posts on the left in the timeline. Thanks to my twitter buddy in London for the link. Mwah!

xdifferentdrumThere is a cool new book coming out for Beau, Greats – Beaumen. The preface is by Clive Barker. I want this one! You can have a flick through, is much smex so not for checking out in an open plan office!

This final link is to Gay on the Range. It has a selection of the coolest covers from the 50’s and 60’s. The owner of the site collects paperbacks from this era. Wickedly cool art xcruisingclasswork, makes me want to troll the second hand bookshops and start collecting! Have ganked a few to share and check out the labels they have – this is nightstand reading. heh. I think Samhains warnings are just as good!


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  1. Apparently so. Makes me want to have a collection. Srsly. Those covers rock. He also has a link to his primary collection off his blog. Oh to have Buffy Rides Again on my shelves. :p

  2. I can’t handle insects. Beetles are nasty. I’d have no problem with a snake or a mouse in my bed, but if I saw one of those bugs I’d scream like a little girl. Yuck!!

  3. Mine was a total squeal, woke the bloke who had to get out of bed and deal with it. ew ew ew. He doesn’t like mice though, totally freaks him out. As he is well over 6ft this is somewhat amusing. :p

  4. Sarah,

    Those are wonderful covers! Lovesit! Who knew M/M was during the Eisenhower years?! Do you know where men (and women like you Sarah..Im sure there was a woman who love the M/M on the sly too back during Dwight and brought such books?

  5. Hey , I have Buffy in my sidebar. It was my fav. 🙂

    Ozakie, I assume in a store? But, back then it was not always an acceptable career I guess, I do not know a great deal about the industry back then, but it certainly worth checking out Victor’s bio here as it makes for terribly interesting reading. Not to mention, he is the business. 😀

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