Simply must read series.

bengal-rabbit-tiger-bunny-closeupBecause I have not read a decent book in a day or so and don’t want to write a bitchy review of a book that was like pulling teeth to read, WHICH I ended up not finishing AND think was a bloody waste of bloody money  want some happy, fluffy bunnies to write about on my blog,  I thought I’d share a few of my favorite series.

I do like a good series and they always look nice sitting grouped on my shelf. Except when bastard publishers change the cover artist. It messes with the symmetry. Uber book geek much?

Occasionally, I do wonder if authors get a maggot on the brain and should just stop when they’re ahead and not flog the last inch of life out of their characters and worlds have drifted into a nauseating sameness. I feel compelled to keep reading in the often vein hope that the original quintessence returns. Or maybe it’s to make sure she/he has not killed off my favorite characters! At this point I usually email my tame librarian and ask if they’ll get it in. Self confessed book geek AND quite budget conscious!

stephanie-plum-rexThere are those special ones though that keep you hanging on each year till the next one comes out. The ones you buy in hardcover even though it might mean eating carrots for the next week and have characters in them that become old, and dear friends. These friends are good to pull out when one is feeling particularly low, or desperate for good writing. Or, maybe one might just be perusing back through the really good grubby bits. 

Here are a few books that I have enjoyed and often re-read in no particular order. 


First up is the lovely bishie goodness that is the Heaven Sent series by Jet Mykles. Boy band slash and smexy goodness. Spent far too much time watching MGMT and Placebo videos after reading these. And Fanservice? O-o The Child’s Prey books by Anne Cain & Barbara Sheridan, also cool, are totally yaoi and have pretty covers.

stolen-kelley-armstrongThe Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. She has smart heroines that kick ass, one of which is Elena from Bitten and Stolen. She rocks! I currently have Personal Demon waiting to be read.


landlord-charlaine-harrisCharlaine Harris continues to be a standout for me. I adore her Sookie Stackhouse series and those wicked covers! But, my favorite heroine has to be Lily Bard, who is a dark, damaged and complex character, which I re read at least once a year. The Harper Connelly Mysteries are also very readable… aw, just go buy everything she’s ever written! (and, Eric, merow). 


Josh Lanyon and his  Adrien English mystery novels. Much thought provoking goodness. And Jake. More merow. Now I want them all in paperback, yesssss my precious.

jll_withcautionThe With or Without series by JL Langley. Yes, I admit it, the scene that has Jake telling Remi – Be still, pup, and don’t come is WELL thumbed. Hanging out for the next one.


Kresley Cole’s series the Immortals After Dark are great reading. Tight writing and each one is consistantly good and does not have me grinding my teeth! (like some authors who should have let her boys just be together instead of inventing stupid ghost characters and insipid milquetoast vamp females. grrrr) Not to mention the covers of the first three books are so pretty. stephanie-plum-5

I think after about seven or eight books this one gets a little annoying, but Janet Evanovich and her Stephanie Plum series is a fun read despite that. The only author other than Katie MacAlister that I have been banned from reading in bed. Laughed and giggled so much I kept waking the other occupant.

mooncalled300Patricia Briggs got picked up initially because I liked the covers and once read I totally fell for Mercy Thompson. She is gutsy and the books are just that little bit different from normal paranormal dross.

collision-course-ka-mitchellKA Mitchell has not written a series as such but does have reoccurring characters. LOVe her books.



Really, you cannot go past Laurell K. Hamilton. She has rabid detractors, which is unfortunate, but I do like her Meredith Gentry and Anita Blake series a great deal. Unfortunately, because we get books from the UK and the US there is no way I’d keep all the covers the same unless I was totally anal and ordered all of them from one source. What I am is impatient, so I usually just grab what is there.  

Hope you’re all having a wonderful start to the new year and are getting some lovely reading done. 😉 Feel free to share your good reads also, as I am in dire need!


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  1. Nice list. I’ve yet to read Kresley Cole, Laurel K. Hamilton, and Patricia Briggs who are all on my list. I have a LKH audio, which I couldn’t get into because I can’t stand the actresses voice. And I have A Hunger Like No Other sitting on my shelf for eons.

    And I have Josh Lanyon on my ebookwise for months as well. *sigh* so many books, so little time.

    Am currently reading Diving in Deep but am having a hard time getting into it because Cam is such a dick. But it’s still hot enough to finish. 😀

  2. Thanks for the mention my dear ^_^.

    This is an oldie series of m/f historicals but I ADORED Susan Johnson’s Braddock-Black series They were the first books I’d read where the native American characters weren’t in the “noble savage” mold but were OMG Real People.

    They definitely made me say “I wanna do that” (and I did ^_^).

  3. I’ve been wondering about Harris’ Shakespeare mysteries…almost got them a few times, bc I like sookie as well as that other one about the girl and her brother, you know, I forgot the name! Grave Sight etc. Anyway, so glad to see you are into it!

  4. I love the Josh Lanyon series. Additionally, being a sucker for a good gay werewolf novel, I enjoyed JL Langley’s Books – think I may even re-read them at some point. I would also recommend a fun series by Jane Devitt and Alexa Snow – they are “Giving up the Ghost”, “Laying a Ghost” and “Waking the Dead”.

  5. Leah, Cam is a dick. But I kinda liked him despite it. I have never listened to an audio anything. A friend had a lot of the Nora Robert’s In Death series on audio but it has just never really appealed. Looks like you’ve been doing much reading, I saw your latest review. 🙂

    Hey Barb, I did like the series – recommended by Jen. 🙂 I have the Braddock-Black series. Most of them were sent to me by a friend from the states. So they’re all old covers and totally gorgeous. I have nearly all of her older stuff on my shelf. Heinous geek that I am I made it a mission to collect them. I think my fav of hers is Pure Sin and Sinful. 😀

    LB, that book is so good. So, so good. I think it should be mandatory m/m reading.

    Carolyn Jean, it was so wrong but I also loved the Harper books about her and her stepbrother. So kinda wrong, but so good! I think Lily is a lot darker than Sookie’s character and the mysteries are really tight, short and very readable. No paranormal stuff but she and her partner do make an appearance in one of the Sookie books which was a total squee moment for me.

    Hey Roger, thanks for the recs I will check them out. BTW I saw the new Dr Who on your site. The bloke lurves Dr Who. Much. I think if he said to him come away with me tomorrow I’d be left a Dr Who widow. Srsly.

  6. So, this is me reading your list: yes (both ‘Heaven Sent’ & ‘Child’s Prey’); Yes; Yes (to Sookie & Lily but never got into the ‘Grave’ series); Yes; Yes; Yes; Yes; Yes; Yes; AND, Yes (although I must admit I gave up on Anita Blake but love the Merry Gentry series). A great list. 🙂

    I am so with you on the book cover thing. Nothing triggers my analness more than book covers and formats changing mid-series.

    BTW, what the heck have you been reading??

  7. I finished the MG last week – agree on the goodness with a large dash of WTFery. I mean she finally gets the crown and all (sorry for the spoiler) and she gives it up? She has always been ‘I’m doing it for the good of my people’ and she gives it up for one person… ?????????????????????????????? HEA-ish, but still…

  8. I keep thinking that LKH lost her passion for the series and just wanted it over with. The last few chapters seemed to wrap everything up. Weird. Hope this does not mean the end of the series!

  9. Mmmm…Jet…JL…Barb…all sorts of yummy goodness. I love Jet’s boys, and I’m super excited about the upcoming Indigo Knights stories. I want JL to continue her With/Without series and the Ranch series RIGHT NOW. The woman doesn’t write fast enough. Barb’s Winter Song is one of my very favorite boy band stories. Soooo good.

    I’ve had the first Lily Bard book on my shelf for months now and actually just boxed it up to swap. Maybe I should rethink that…???

    If I skip the second Immortals After Dark book, will the rest of the series make sense? I got about 1/3 through book 2 before I put it back on the shelf. I find the Valkyrie heroine kind of irritating.

  10. Sarah,

    U have some great pics. Since Im still a newbie I can honestly say I just only read the Heaven Sent series which I love..(That Luc grrr!!!..Totally melts my Underroos), but you have listed a lot of authors that I know I have to read and some I have never heard off. Thanks for the recommendations!

  11. Jen, I read that gorgeous snippet over at Fiction with Friction from JL last week I think. OMG, soooooo good! She is such a tease and I cannot wait till this new one in the series comes out. I do so enjoy my paranormals.

    As for the Lily Bard book, not sure if you’ll like them or not. She is just such a ballsy character and I liked her a great deal. She’s had some shitty things happen to her and she has this quiet, contained thing going on. She was just appealing I guess. In the IAD series I think my favs were the 1st one and Wicked Deeds and the latest one I read called Dark Desires after Dusk. Was cool.

    Hey Ozakie, hope you had a sweet Christmas and New Year celebration. As always, do let me know if you enjoy your reads. 🙂

  12. *sigh* I must know — WHERE did you get the picture of the Bengal Bunny?! Because all I could think of was in the Shelly Laurenston books Mangus Pack series (which are un-freaking-believably good) was the scene where Sarah keeps asking Zach (just to irritate him) if there were Shifter bunnies. *rotfl*

    Speaking of – you would like the Shelly Laurenston series Mangus Pack, which is m/f smex. Let me know if you can’t find the e-book series. *g*

    I also like the Morgan Hawke Inerstellar series, but then, I was made to watch Star Trek as a young’un, so I have a soft spot for cheesey science fiction that apparently extends (pardon the pun) to cheesey sci-fi erotica/porn. It’s a fine line, and while I think MH crossed it, the sex was really well written and hot. *rotfl*

    I also really like Sedonia Guillone – really good m/m sex, although not a series.


  13. I love the tiger bunny. Appeals to my sense of silliness! Apparently it was an advertisement for something.

    I have read the Shelly Laurenston series and really liked it. MUCH!!!! I think I liked the tiger one best. But they’re all great. I did get 2 of her books in PB also.

    Morgan Hawke rocks. Mens with two penises? Absolutely mighty! She has cool world building as well. 🙂

    I have not actually read anything by Sedonia Guillone, did read a review somewhere a while ago that said she was an interesting read. Nice covers!!

    Hope you’ve had a lovely Xmas sweeite and a good new years. Smooches from me!

  14. Since you gave up on it, I think if you read the latest Carpathian book, Dark Curse, or even the one before that, you’ll find that Feehan has reinvigorated the series. And I think Dark Curse can be read without reading ANY of the previous books.

    As for the rest of your list, I definitely agree with almost all of them.

    1. I shall have a look Bev, have not ready any of them since about book 7 or 8. I have enjoyed some of the Ghost Walkers but not keen on the sisters books. 🙂

  15. I keep meaning to read the With or Without series and just haven’t done it. It’s going to the top of my to do list. Love some of your other series!

    I’m dying to know which book you thought was a bloody waste of time! lol

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