Hajiri’s Pet by Auburnimp and Michael Barnette.

hajirispetHajiri is a zonewarrior. A former gunwhore who once sold his body for money, he’s looking for the job that will let him move up in the live and die world of the Shinjuku Containment Area.

A chance meeting outside a popular Shinjuku club leaves Hajiri in the possession of a corporate high roller’s battlepet. A young human/snow leopard cross genetically engineered to be the perfect sexual partner and bodyguard.

The last thing Hajiri needs is a complication in his life. But how can he turn away a person who had been tossed out like so much trash, especially when that man just saved his life?

Hajiri doesn’t want responsibility. What Hajiri gets is a lot more than he bargained for when the young man shows him what it means to be a battlepet’s Master.

Contains graphic sexual encounters between men, strong D/s themes, toys, spanking and violence.

I got totally sucked in by the cover on this one. I really do like PL Nunn’s art work. The book has a gritty, futuristic feel and the premise was kind cool with the battlepets, gunwhores and nasty corporations controlling much of their world.

However, some of the writing was not as tight as it could have been, especially the ending which seemed a little unraveled. The repetition of speech by Zen grated a little and he seems awfully young in which pushed a few of my squick buttons.

For all that though, I did finish the book and found it surprisingly entertaining despite the bits that got up my nose. I’d be totally keen to see more in this series, as there are some interesting secondary characters that are begging for a story. The authors have created a very cool world and this appeals much!

I have had a few really good reads from Liquid Silver Books, but one thing I would like to see is bigger pictures of book covers in their pdf ebooks. They’re so small and I’d love to see larger images, especially if it’s artists like PL Nunn. Merow!

Get the goodness at Liquid Silver Books.
Auburnimp’s website.
Michael Barnette’s website. 


12 thoughts on “Hajiri’s Pet by Auburnimp and Michael Barnette.

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  1. You know, even with its flaws, this book looks kind of interesting. I’ll probably pick it up one day after my book buying moratorium is done.

    Hmm… I’ve heard of Michael Barnette through Lust Bites when it was going. Clicked on his name and found his blog and stuff interesting, but never followed up on reading anything by him. Maybe gonna buy this one to check it out.

    Nice review. Just what I like to know about it. 😀

  2. Wow I haven’t been by in a while. But wanted to let you know that I still stock you and have been slowly adding things to my secret wishlist. you know the one that won’t kill my mother over with a heart attack LOL!

  3. Leah, it was such a different feel of book from what I’ve been reading recently. Kinda cool and will definitely keep an eye out for more.

    Sarai, hey! All is well here. The sun is shining today and I have a singlet and shorts on. Merow! Going a darker shade of pale as we speak. ;p

  4. Wow, gorgeous cover! It does look really interesting. The young thing doesn’t squick me out at all, so hopefully the rest of the stuff won’t bug me either. Great review, and thanks for pointing this one out!

  5. When I saw this P L Nunn cover on the LS site I immdiately clicked to find out more, but wasn’t sure too sure after reading the excerpt. The ‘this boy’ thing kind of weirded me out a bit, although it does sound like it fits with the world-building. I think I’ll add it to the TBR list too.

    Thanks for the review, Sarah.

  6. Jen, loved the cover. merow. 😀 It was definitely a funky read and nice to see some more goodness at Liquid Silver.

    Hey Kris, thanks for the look in. Hope you’re having a lovely Christmas and it is sunny over your way. 🙂

  7. It’s a glorious summer day over here in the west. Looking to be v. freakin hot by New Year’s (39 expected). *note to self – must buy more beer*

    Hope you are having an excellent Xmas/New Year too and that Santa brought you everything on your wish list.

    Take care, K.

  8. I totally loved this book too – I read it based off of elisa rolle’s review and was very glad I did. I loved how Zen acted like a kitten at times although I understand what you mean about the speech repitition. I can’t wait to read the second part of the series.

    Hope you had a good Christmas and I love your site (as a newcomer!)

  9. Kris, I got a bit sunburnt today. Here is a pic of the this eve. So gorgeous and hot!!

    Hey there tiggerpuss. Like your blog and your icon is SO cute! I do not claim to be an expert on Yaoi but I know what I like. Elisa Rolle has a groovy site and she is such a sweetie. 🙂 There is a 2nd part coming then? That is cool! 😀

  10. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for the review. I was waiting to see if you had picked this one up and what you thought of it before I spent actual $$ on it. *g* I think you do a good job on the reviews — I can get a feel for the books, but you don’t re-tell the plot. Exactly what I am looking for!

    I am envious of your sunset picture – *sigh* We are in the middle of winter here and sunset happens around 5 PM. And then it’s just dark and cold, as opposed to sunny and cold. *lol*

    I will have to go check out Elisa Rolle….


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