Free Christmas Goodness.

gaychristmaskissI am a total geek for ebooks and have brought very few paperbacks this year at all. Now I just need an ereader, as my laptop is not the greatest reading device!

I have discovered some fantastic authors during 2007 and 2008 and to get in the Christmas spirit I am going to start this post off with links to free online stories, comics and art galleries to check out. 

So, if you’re strapped for cash and don’t want to spend your pennies on an author you’ve not read before, then try some free reads first. 

If you’re an author and have free stuff, then email me at rainonroof at and I’ll add the links onto this post right up till the new year.

So, check back for more goodness and links!

my-fair-captain-jl-langleyThe one you MUST download is the 1st half of My Fair Captain. Incredibly hot and a guaranteed good read. Check out the free link here, make sure you scroll down.
Ally Blue – Hard Candy. Free pdf short story.
Ally Blue – Bo’s Halloween Treat. Online read.
Ally Blue – A Fireworks Fantasy. Online read.
Maia Strong – Wandering Home. Free pdf short story.
Matthew Haldeman-Time – Guys in College. Free pdf short stories. 
K.A. Mitchell – Prequel to Collision Course. Online read. 
K.A. Mitchell – Prequel to Regularly Scheduled Life. Online read.
K.A. Mitchell – More, prequel to Regularly Scheduled Life. Online read. 
JL Langley – A Regelence Christmas. Online read.
JL Langley – A Lot To Be Thankful For. Online read.

James Buchanan – 9 free stories to download.
Jet Mykles – Skirt. Online read.
Jet Mykles – Holiday nerves. Online read
Alex Beecroft – Insubordination. Free pdf short story. 
Willa Okat – Is This Seat Taken? Online read.
Maura Anderson – Bonds of Steel. Online read.  
Jourdan Lane – Various free reads. Online read. 
Amanda Young – Various free reads. Online read. 
Ginn Hale – Shy Hunter. Free pdf short story. 

Added story links.
Amy Lane – go to Amy’s writing and check out Yearning and Waiting, menu on left of blog. Online read. Thanks Lee!
Helen Madden – free online podcast, erotic flash fiction. All in mp3 format and a weekly podcast.
The Lovers Grim
– The Undiscovered Country
– The Unicorn and the Knight
Maura Anderson – prequels and flash fiction. Online read.
Jet Mykles – Wanna watch. Online read.
Jessica Freely – Free fiction. Online read
James Buchanan – link from blog post to PDF and other authors blog goodies.
Jules Jones – has added her whole series of ebooks called The Syndicate via her site. Woot! 

Online comics and art.
PL Nunn – Art Gallery Online. Much smex. Check out Clex and Silver. Merow!
Tina Anderson and MT Copyright – Whore of Turfan. Online comic.
Patrick Fillion – sexy boytoons and other works, beautiful art and clever he is!
Joe Phillips – gallery of gorgeous work.
Brian Andersen – preview pages of So Super Duper.
Steve MacIsaac – first 10 pages of Shirtlifter #3

Added art links.
Helen Madden – gallery, online and stick figure porn. hehe. 

The two comic pics above are both Joe Phillips work. Gorgeous!  


12 thoughts on “Free Christmas Goodness.

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  1. Wow, that’s an impressive list of free reads. I’m always amazed that authors have the time to do a short story for free since most have lives outside of writing and can barely get the time to write for money. Kudos to them! And you for pointing the way.

    I hope you get your e-reader. I saw on Bev’s blog that you are thinking the iPhone. I’m getting one of those, although my urgency has passed since I couldn’t re-up my account and get the phone for the cheaper price before my trip. But I did read an ebook on DH’s iPaq PDA and it was fine, so I think reading on an iPhone will be as well.

    Otherwise, I have an eBookwise, which I don’t see why you guys in other parts of the world can’t use since it hooks up with the computer and not a phone line or WIFI. Have you considered that for the moment? They are on sale now. $119 I think. I love mine.

    That Joe Philips pic, totally hot!

  2. Hi there
    Delurking to give heartfelt thanks for the freebies! Wish I had an ereader too but you can’t even buy them in South Africa and importing would cost a fortune!
    Laptop will have to do.

    I’m loving your reviews and recommendations btw -thanks to you I’m now a heuuge Langley and Mykles fan.


  3. Thanks heaps for the links, Sarah. Very cool.

    I wondered if you had tried the freebies on Maura Anderson’s website (she has prequels to Bonds of Steel there at

    Also, if you haven’t read it already, check out this short from Jet Mykles ( – I guarantee that you will love this one! Hee, hee.

    PS – I know that you’re dreaming of an iPhone for Christmas, but have you looked at the Iliad e-reader from Dymocks?? I got mine from the Sydney store and I’m v. happy with it; totally worth the money considering how much I read ebooks these days.

  4. Thanks for the free reads links! It’s always great to be able check out authors before you buy; plus, you’ve listed some folks whom I truly love to read.

  5. Hey there Leah, thanks for the eBookwise rec. Will check it out. The kindle is definitely out for me as it is only for the US. Who is to say though, that it won’t come out elsewhere at some point… Maybe it is even worth waiting a while till they make the products bigger, better, faster, stronger and all that! 😉

    Hey Lee, it is wicked cool to see your post and am glad you’re enjoying some fab reads!!! I am loving my wee blog and what I have ended up reading as a result. Have some more comics coming soon and an very nice interview this week that I am pretty excited about. 🙂

    Hey Kris, I have read the Pink Chair one, but had forgotten! I will add the link. Thanks! No I have not seen the Dymocks ereader. Will pop in next time I am in the city. Ta luv!

    Hey eyre_32, I am such a book geek. I imagine if I’d bought all the books I’ve got this year in PB that I would be over flowing the shelves even more!! Glad you liked the links. Suggest away if you have any. 🙂

  6. Hi Sarah (+Kris)!

    Thanks for the lovely comments and I hope you enjoy my free offerings. I think I’ll have to cut it down in 2009 to one offering every other week instead of one most weeks to make some more time for finishing stories that have contracts.

    My free collection will be coming out a free downloadable ebook from one of my Publishers – Aspen Mountain Press – within the next month or two. That will allow people to be able to read it offline as well.

    I’m actually have a Sony Reader and an eBookwise and I use them both but for the cost, the eBookwise has so far offered me the best bang for the money.

    Keep an eye out on the Fiction with Friction blog too – we’re all m/m authors and have been doing a free read each for most holidays, starting with the 4th of July in 2008.

    I’m thrilled my readers like the efforts to give free reads!

  7. I don’t know how you do it! I just cope with a blog!

    Do send me links and I can add them on if you’re keen. 🙂

    I am definitely looking forward to the Christmas offerings at Fiction with Friction, a srsly cool blog!

  8. Thanks for the list – always looking for new reads. There are several of my favorite authors on your list.

    I am a brand new “e-book whore” – I bought a Kindle earlier this year and it’s been downhill from there! Must have spent close to $2,000 on e-books this year but I love it. Since I got the e-book reader, I have not purchased any paperback books at all – definitely the best purchase I made. My partner has the Sony reader which is also very good as well.

  9. Hey there Roger. Cool to see you have a book in the works and your blog is so nice! The clip of the 2 singers is so cute. They had a new others, made me laugh!

    I am a total whore for ebooks and I refuse to think about how much I have spent this year. eak! I now purchase so few books. I did get Laurell K Hamilton’s Swallowing Darkness, the title makes me snort every time I see it! Still not sure about an ebook reader, I need to do more research I think. I went into a shop the other week and asked if they had any ebook readers and got a puzzled look. They had no idea. It’s like stepping back in time here in NZ sometimes!

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