Collision Course by K.A. Mitchell

ka-mitchell-collision-course-largeI read Collision Course at the end of a seriously crappy week and it was truly a pleasure to just loose myself in this book. The characters were compelling and the writing was tight and flowed beautifully. I can honestly say that there were no points where I drifted off to surf the net (which I often do when I am reading. Attention span=gnat) and I was throughly entertained with Joey and Aaron’s story.

This is a drama and a lengthy one at that. I am always impressed with K.A. Mitchell’s ability to write such meaty books that don’t drag. The writing always has a point and never seems to descend into mindless page filling fluff. Yay! The premise was cool and her characters were complex and likeable. I think Joey and Aaron might have to be one of my favorite pairings in recent memory! K.A. has also slipped in some seriously cool music, so I had a ready made sound track in my head. heh. Goldfrapp ?? Woot! I wondered at the end, was the theme in Joey’s head Strict Machine? 

You might also want to read this with a fan handy as the sexual tension is off the chart. The instant and compelling attraction the boys have, that makes getting to a bed impossible, was so hot and absolutely worthy of much praise, like the Jake and Remi getting on knees scene. It wasn’t over the top, but sexy, varied and delectable.

John Ganun photographer

It was so nice to see characters from one of her previous books, Diving in Deep, which I also enjoyed. I had a few sniggers at Joey and Noah and there endless navel gazing and am now jonesing for Doctor Jae Sun Kim’s story. Please!!!!

If you’re still not rushing off with credit card at the ready, perhaps the prequels over at K.A. Mitchell’s blog might convince you that this is must read material, or you can get the goodness at the Samhain site. Gorgeous summer night reading and I cannot wait for the next one.

Check out the warning below that the book comes with…
Warning: This love story may overheat readers or the devices used to read it. Explicit male/male sex scenes involving extra penetration, toys, and spanking. 



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  1. I just bought this book and I’m really looking forward to reading it. Diving in Deep is another excellent book by K.A. Mitchell which I read in March. Thanks for a great review. I was going to save this book to read over the Christmas holidays now I’ll probably want to advance that timeline *g*

  2. I have Diving in Deep, which I think you recommended, on my eBoowise. I really need to get to it. This one sounds good too.

    Oh and Goldfrapp? Love them! Got Ooh La La on my iPod just after it came out.

  3. I had a hard time with this one. *sigh* On one hand, it’s an amazing book. Flawless editing, fantastic characters, HOT sex, great story, etc. On the other hand, it’s an extremely intense book. It’s heavy, and I related to it a little too well. I was exhausted and emotionally drained when I finished it.

    It’s a wonderful book, but not a light, fluffy read at all. Still gets 5 stars though, even though it fucked up my head. lol

  4. Carolyn Jean, I really liked it and it totally took my mind off everything else that has gone on this week. It was cool and a re reader. 😉

    Wave, it was a good one and I really liked Diving in Deep too. There was also Regularly Scheduled Life which I enjoyed but for me that was a particularly intense book and am not sure the editing was as tight as this one. Maybe a little too long, still liked it lots though!

    Leah, I LOVE Goldfrapp – and have been listening to them much over the past 2 days! Much to blokes relief after the Kate Bush kick I was on… ;p

    Jen, I think some books just speak to something inside you and can really put you through the wringer. And no, this is not a light fluffy read!

  5. I really like K A Mitchell’s work and bought this one as soon as it came out.

    I actually enjoyed Collision Course more than Diving in Deep. I think it was because I found this story much meatier and the characters complex… not to mention srsly smoking hot.

    I think KAM is getting better and better as she writes more books.

  6. Kris, I felt exactly the same way. She just gets better and better! Not to mention free hot prequels! Merow!

    The books are such a fantastic length too, I want in Paper back!!

  7. Sarah,

    Thank you very much for the kind review. I really enjoyed writing this book and these characters. So many books have given me a lift when I’ve had a bad week and I’m so glad my book could pass on that favor to you.

    I’m glad you liked the soundtrack. Joey’s varied taste in music kept me digging.


    I’m so sorry that this hit you hard. Sometimes I’m in the mood for an emotional read and sometimes I’m not.

    Everybody: Thanks for reading and letting me know what you think. I try to do better every time.

  8. Hey KA, thanks so much for having a nosey and for the wonderful read. It was a real pleasure. 🙂 This week has been rough, you’ve no idea and not sure how Christmas is going to go. But have chin up and am trying to get in touch with inner Christmas geek. You’re a sweetie. The music was FAB!! I often read on laptop and have music going… and love me some Goldfrapp.

  9. Nothing to apologize for, KA. The emotional depth of this book just took me by surprise. It’s rare for a book to melt through my hardened heart and actually touch me. 😉

    I’m married to a guy like Aaron, and it’s exhausting work. More than anything, I think Collision Course just wore me out. lol

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