Formula 17.

While spending the summer with his friend Yu, Tien meets Bai Tieh-nan, a local lothario. Thinking he has found the man of his dreams he sleeps with Bai Tieh-nan, only to discover he has clay feet.


This is such a gorgeous little movie. Although I was initially a bit put off by the Amazon cover which did not appeal! It came out in 2004 and was the debut of two Taiwanese women Yin-jung Chen and Rady Fu. Tony Yang and Duncan Lai/Chow were beautifully cast and produce strong portrayals of country naiveté versus city slick. They make up for some of the scenes which were admittedly not the greatest. Despite the high cheese factor, there was much campy humor and the friendships between the boys was a delight.
Formula 17 is a sweet, funny and totally cheesetastic film that I really liked. And, the Taipei Plumber? Merow! If you like this, do try and get Go Go G Boys which is also super cool and not dissimilar to F 17.

Check it out at IMDB and Amazon.
Fanvid on Youtube for Go Go and F 17 and Duncan Lai/Chow below.

duncan-lai-duncan-chow duncan-lai-duncan-chow-2


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  1. I think you’ve mentioned this one to me before. I should look it up again. Such pretty men!

    What does it mean to have clay feet? I should probably know that…

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