On Art – Exterface.

bisextilis9Exterface is the artistic and photographic partnership of Julien and Stephane, two 24 year old artists from Paris in France. The boys began sharing their work several years ago through Flickr where they posted a photo a day. After receiving a great deal of positive feedback they created the Exterface website to showcase their works. The creative duo work out of a house in Paris.
thecosmoshow11I find their work particularly captivating in that each group of photos has a narrative like structure. The story like feel becomes that much more intimate with the impressions and thoughts each piece evokes. The symbolism and sensual nature is enticing and some of it is just simply poetic sex. Beautiful! One of my favorites is the series called Orchid. Boys in heels and fur! Very appealing!
orchid08Their book, The Thing He Loves, from Bruno Gmünder is coming out in December this year in the US, although it is already out in Europe. It includes over 150 pictures and work unseen before.

When I was thinking about what to ask the boys I kept coming back to their title. Love. So, I wanted to know, ‘What do you love?…’

ME: The title of your book?

EXTERFACE: The Thing He Loves is a quote from a poem of Oscar Wilde called The Ballad of Reading Gaol. We first use it for Situla, which shows a man who kills the thing he loves. Our book and our work so far is all about LOVE…

ME: What do you love about your work?

EXTERFACE: Everything about it. What we love the most is the last thing we’ve done. So now it’s Flamme, our last baby we’re so proud of!

ME: What do you love about the male?

EXTERFACE: Everything about him. We love his body, his charisma, his strength and his fragility. Male iconography is less coded and over-used than the female one. We love to glorify him, iconize him in his human nature and intimacy.
etherME: What do you love about color and light?

EXTERFACE: Everything about them. We use colors and light in a symbolist way. They create a unique atmosphere, intensify the emotions. Its’s wonderful !

ME: What do you love about sensuality?

EXTERFACE: Everything about it. Sensuality is a language. It gives us the opportunity to connect with the viewer instinct or its inner dreams. Sensuality gives life to our pictures.
flamingo17ME: What do you love to do on a Sunday?

EXTERFACE: Everything ! Working, playing, walking, loving. Living.

This final question I asked, because I am intrigued and a grub. I read in an interview that they are also inspired by porn, which Exterface loves because it’s only about bodies and emotions. I liked this idea, so you know I had to ask…
13 ME: What is your favorite piece of porn ?

EXTERFACE: Vintage ! Must be a Falcon one called In Your Wildest Dreams (1989) with Chad Douglas… Masterpiece.

You can see the complete work out here on youtube. Thanks to Julien and Stephane for finding me a clip! I love the look on his face at the end, it is so cheeky and cute. The other guys ‘tache is also something to behold!

gold-pantherThank you so much Julien and Stephane for answering my questions. Your work is beautiful, sexy and seriously cool.
They have the most gorgeous website, which has recently been updated, and it is great to see the photos larger and framed to their full effect. The book will be available for purchase at Amazon in December and book shops that carry Bruno Gmünder.

From Exterface.
Male longing melted into poetic pictures.

thethingheloves_Umschlag.inddInspired by advertising, pornography, life and people Exterface create frescos loaded with sexual energy, often homoerotic, poetic pictures full of antagonisms. 

The artists expose their models like in a peep show until they lose themselves between darkness and colored light, until they become touchable and yet surreal. 

The French artists Julien & Stéphane are not only photographers, but directors, painters and script writers.


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  1. Thanks for bringing another new artist to my attention, Sarah, and their use of light and colour is just gorgeous. BTW – Robin and the Cowboy… very hot.

  2. They are so cool Kris and I am so looking forward to the book coming out. It looks gorgeous.

    It is worth looking at the whole series of photos. The ones I have on my blog are my favorites… well, there are more but I only had so much space. I love the new Robin series. Think LisaBea might appreciate these ones also!

  3. Let me first just get this out of the way– WTF was up with the Guinea Pigs? Was there some symbolism there that went over my head?

    Okay, now back to Exterface…

    In Orchid, the lighting was wonderful. I loved how it highlighted in such a way that my eye always went to the light first and then gradually focused outward until the rest of the detail was revealed.

    In The Thing He Loves, the color held as much emotion as the photographs themselves did. Very powerful.

    Now with Flamme, I saw the old sepia cowboy lithographs modernized. The color was a modern version of the sepia tones that let the photographs of the modern cowboy stand out in almost stark relief.

    Oh, and purely on a plebian level:
    half nekkid gay cowboy *swoon*

  4. Heh. I think the Guinea Pigs were there to cover up the gratuitous cock! Not Guinea Pig Pron!

    I think Orchid is one of my favs but I also like Muse. The thought of a muscular man like François Sagat in all that pink is just luscious! Playgirl is pretty hot with all that leather and of course the bloke on the phone is so sexy…. I could go on!

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