Marco and Anthony.

I want to be a photographer for purely prurient reasons. :p The photographer is Joseph Sinclair who does the most gorgeous work. 
I also might just have a bit of a Marco fixation at the moment!


6 thoughts on “Marco and Anthony.

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  1. Oh my! I think your YouTube discoveries are way nummier than mine!

    I like the outtakes at the end the best- When Marco “adjusted” himself for a better fit with Anthony. And their Santa hat dance. Hee

  2. Bev. Nah, I like your’s too! They’re super hot. Merow. I also loved the end when Anthony is trying to talk….lol.

    LB, y hallo thar indeed! Why aren’t you writing?? Get thee to thy desk wench!

    Kris. I have a total jones for his photography! Just stunning.

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