The Englor Affair by J. L. Langley

the-englor-affair-jl-langleyIn hiding who he was, Payton found himself…and the man he would grow to love.
After his brother is kidnapped, Prince Payton Townsend masquerades as an Admiral’s assistant in order to track the culprits through the tangled mysteries of the planet Englor. He finds way more than he bargained for in the form of Marine Colonel Simon Hollister.
Simon is no ordinary soldier. He’s heir to Englor and his life is mapped out for him: throne, bride, and eventually an heir. He never expected a dalliance with Payton to blossom into love, or that the organization that taught him to lead would threaten that love-and their lives.
Danger and intrigue abound as they learn more about their shared enemy, and about each other. What they learn could help them rise above to an enduring love-or pull them apart.
From Samhain Publishing. 

So after months of teasers about Payton and Simon the boys are finally here. If you’ve not already got this weighty tome of an ebook, best you shift your toot and get it now. It is 295 pages of delicious Sci-Regency Romance that is not to be missed. 

One element that I kept coming back to in this book is that it is a regency romance. Payton for all intents and purposes has been as cloistered as a nun. Despite the odd foray without a chaperone, also known as the household computer back on his home planet, he is quite innocent in many ways. All this comes to a bit of an end when he hies off to assist the goodness that is Nate on a dangerous mission on Englor. He is certainly more than capable with his mad tech skills. Geeky and cute!

cuddle1So, here he is far from his home on Regelence and minus duenna. What’s a poor boy to do? Fall into the den of iniquity that is the marine base gym of course! Hoo Ahh? Where he meets Simon of the auburn locks and muscular physique. The dynamic between the two men is electric and Payton is like a kid in a candy shop (50 cent song in my head as I write… grubby, bad man) with all the naked men casually undressing, working out and heavens to Betsy showering. But Payton is made of sturdy stuff and does not disappoint with a swoon. Although, he does do a bit of fleeing later in the chapter. JL Langley is just so incredibly good at building that tension and keeping you turning that page till the wee small hours. I totally have bags under my eyes after her books!

The sexual tension was different from My Fair Captain which was cool. I always worry in a series that I am going to get a carbon copy of the previous book. The voice is different from last time. It is certainly not polite regency romance sex with nighties on and the lamp low either! It was bawdy, hot and definitely fit the the story and for those more delecate flowers avert your gaze. I was most impressed that the scenes did not feel like she had a list she was ticking off with big free for all at end, it just flowed. This book seemed less about the power dynamic in the relationship and more about having one hell of a time and yet it did not overshadow the mystery and action in the plot.

blog-fan-girlsThe world building is tight and I enjoyed the almost steam punk feel I got occasionally. Englor is so very much like regency England but with spaceships. It was also so nice to have small cameos from Nate, Aidan and the rest of the family and I am already rubbing my hands together in anticipation of the next one! 

I think this has to be one of my favorite series for cover art. As far as slick marketing goes I think Samhain Publishing and the artist definitely got this right. It is gorgeous and I love the colours. Roll on the paperback version because these two books are going to look gorgeous on my shelf!
my-fair-captain-jl-langley  the-englor-affair-jl-langley

I did enjoy this book. Immensely. I think JL Langley is a talented author and she just keeps getting better. I am not sure which I like best in the series either, might have to mull that one over!

So go read it! You can go get the book here from Samhain Publishing.
JL Langley’s Website.


17 thoughts on “The Englor Affair by J. L. Langley

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  1. I couldn’t help laughing (inappropriately?) at the jock strap scene.

    I was really interested to see how JL would deal with another relationship between a sheltered 19 yr old and an older guy without it being too similar to MFC. But, damn, she just nailed it (scuse the pun), didn’t she?! Her approach to the regency virgin/older & wiser theme is really refreshing. M/M just allows so much more scope for a more balanced relationship dynamic.

    I agree – bring on the next one!

  2. Doesn’t she rock? I also felt Payton and Simon were more even with age though not necessarily experience! 😛

    For me the dynamic in MFC with the whole Sir thing totally floats my boat. But this one was different again. Which was equally cool as I dread getting a carbon copy which so often happens in books that are in a series. And the sex was just incendiary which you know I just adore being such a grub! hehe.

    I think I’d read the cornflakes box if she wrote on it… SUCH a fangirl.

  3. So JL sent this to me months back and I sent her like 10 emails: OMG THAT JOCK SCENE WAS SO HOT, THE LADIES ARE GOING TO FREAK OUT! and I may have said: Mwahahahaahah.

    Because I was so impressed that our JL (I heart her) delivered such a naughty no-no in this more balanced relationship. This is no D/s romp like MFC…these guys, even though Simon is the older more experienced one, are on equal footing. Until later when Payton loses his identity. And Payton..raised in that society of gay men, is so strong and so grounded. You’re spot on:this book is very different from MFC.

    Yay for JL!

    We need to sweet talk JL into a little mini/short for Nate and Aidan though. Yes? That would be a nice Christmas present.

  4. This was a great book and I am already jonesing for the next one!

    I love JL’s secondary characters. I want to hang out with Dru and Roc and Wycliffe. The Queen made me feel all stabby. Such terrific writing!

  5. Oh Leah, you must read it. It is a wicked cool book!

    LB, there was honestly nothing in there that totally freaked me out. It was super hawt! It was such a cool partnership (and I think that is the word that was front and centre with me) and Payton is so cool.
    Can you imagine a Xmas present like last year I think it was? I remember reading that short story on teddypigs website. *sigh* Best present ever!

    Katie, I don’t go to the gym. I have a running thing at home. Well, more a walking thing, and there is no naked there either. Can you imagine though, I’d never get out of the changing room. it just cracked me up. Payton thinking he’s being all tricky and still Simon notices his magnificent problem. hehehehe.

    Kim I thought the secondary characters were cool also. I did not even get girl cooties from Dru. I also liked Simon’s buddies like you were saying via your tweet last night they were cool and all that giving of the eye and incidental touching while they were in the heavy meetings at the end… best I say no more or I’ll spoil it! You are so my 1 in the morning buddy!

  6. Oh wasn’t it wonderful??? I just loved Payton and Simon together. And yes the sex was incredibly hot. Loved the gym scenes! They don’t happen like that in my house either! 🙂

  7. Jockstraps. *shudder*

    With all the pr0n anthologies I have in my drawer, one would think I’d be more accepting of the dirty jockstrap fetish. BUT I JUST CAN’T DO IT! I can’t help it. I read a scene with a jockstrap and it just makes me want to do laundry.

    Nasty girl, that JL.


  8. Tracy, I wish they happened at my house. Sigh.

    hehehe, Jen you’re so funny. Laundry huh? Everytime I come across a jock strap I think of you. AND they’re such an American thing. Last time I looked they’re not a huge deal down under. In fact I just rang the man and checked. He now thinks I am soooooo weird and he was in a meeting. O-o. Cricketers wear a box to protect their boy bits but not so much the rugby players. Guess we’re pretty hardy down here. And JL, she is nasty and I like it.

    Cornflakes and yoghurt! Cereal for tea again? Best you eat some greens or you’ll get scurvy!

  9. I didn’t have a problem with the jockstrap if I just didn’t thing too much about it. I I had I would have been grossed out…but these were men – they get grossed out by so much less than women do.

    I thought it was interesting that Payton didn’t know what the thing was that Simon was wearing (the jockstrap) but he loved it.

  10. I wouldn’t have had the problem with the jockstrap if the little detail that it was yellow with freakin age and other stuff was in there. LOL

    That said, it wouldn’t have been JL without it.

    I seriusly loved this book. What is it about Jl that I have to read her books in one sitting. I can’t stop once I have started.

    Simon is mine now. I have taken a leaf out of Meljean’s book and I have carved my initials in his lovely, lovely ass!

    Yay for grubs. We’re all grubs here!

  11. Tracy, boys can be so grody (to steal Jen’s phrase) but I kinda like boys so is all good! ;p Payton was a grub at heart I think and that’s why I liked him so much. And feisty!

    Sayuri, maybe it has been in the sun or had orange juice spilt on it? Best it be sent to Jen for cleaning I think!!! And, I totally with you on the one sitting deal. I should so not have stayed up reading… but I did!!! How do you feel about sharing on weekends??? Maybe turn about. Poor Simon – I sees work in his future. Hard, hard work. 😀

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