The Art of Ismael Alvarez.

I don’t have a huge amount of blogs in my google reader because if I did, all I’d do is ass about all day! But, one of the blogs I do visit regularly is Ismael’s. My Spanish is terrible, so it is down to my trusty (not!) translator! I am quite sure I miss the odd thing but I enjoy reading it anyway. It is quite incredible to me that there is an artist half the planet away, that I can communicate with, and view his work as he creates it. How cool is that?

Yes. Fangirl, much? hehe.

The Art of Ismael Alvarez came in the mail a little while ago now and I loved it. The pictures are beautiful and a lot of the work has a real joy in it that really appeals to me. It’s fun. There are gorgeous boys making out, some sexy hairy chests, firemen, Brent (drool), and some class comic characters like Camili, Zhan and Deimos. His Camili is gorgeous! The work is clever, because even within one frame or picture you’ve got a story. It immediately becomes that much more intimate and, if you’re like me, you begin to wonder what led to the events taking place, especially the football players, plural. Good gravy! You know, my imagination is a sublime place to be sometimes! 

I have two favorite pieces. One is called Love in London, see below. I do like punk and pierced! Maybe it’s just the telephone box, reminds me of Dr Who? The other piece I really like is the one of Ismael on the inside of the front cover. It is a naked self portrait, his work spread all over the floor and he is looking out at you with a rather languid expression. ;P SO NICE! And, the portfolio is definitely not Vanilla, so Neapolitan!

To purchase this 24 color pages of goodness, go here to Class Comics.
To check out Ismael’s blog you can go here and his shop is here

All Artworks Copyright © 2008 Ismael Alverez. All Rights Reserved.
Please do not repost without permission.


13 thoughts on “The Art of Ismael Alvarez.

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  1. Oh my! I love that top pic! And I love the one on the left in this post- (actually, both pics are wonderful, but the one on the left just flat out does it for me).

    And do my eyes deceive me? When I went to the Class Comics link, did I actually see an example of NORMAL SIZED PEEN art?!

    Sarah, can you ‘spain that whole huge, gigundo, monster dong thing that most comic artists do? Seriously, I find myself thinking that I could enjoy their work more if artists created more normal sized peens.

  2. That new one is gorgeous! If you go you can see it in all it’s glory. Very sexy!

    I don’t know, I think some boys just like big cocks. heh. In Patrick’s latest blog he has a top 10 things for Halloween and the last item is called The Big Penis book and there is a guy in one of the pics is so large. I nearly fell off my chair!

    I know this might sound like I am total perv, yeah I am hah, but stylistically each of the artists have very different depictions of cocks. Mike’s work has really curvy cocks and he often has them resting on something, like his Wolverine pic. I always think sinuous when I see his work. Patrick’s are big, smooth and the head looks beautiful. Ismael’s are always pretty, sexy and I adore his cum shots – is that too much information?? LOL! Now Benoit does beautiful work in Angelface, always makes me think of James lear. All sepia and sexy.

  3. I like to think of Mike’s cocks as having a hefty weight. But what I love love love is that in his work there is this gorgeous swirling spirally fluid. It adds such movement to his …uh…stuff. Man. Am I not his fan girl? Sob.

    But Bev, I see what you are saying.Those things are MONSTERS. If you read stickypen, and I know that you do, the thing that is really weird and sort of funny to me is that dudes give a numeric dimension to cock size. “He had a 8 and three quarter inch dick that was 2 inches wide at the base” That makes me LOLOLOL every single time.

    OMG can you totally tell that G and I opened a bottle of Sonoma wine?


    Good. Cuz we Totally Did Not.

  4. I think The Art of Ismael Alvarez is beautiful, too. It’s great that every artist has his unique style, even though they are all drawing the same things: nacked guys and cocks.

    And I love them big! *g*


  5. You know, looking through his gallery, he really DOES have an abundance of gorgeous, totally-my-type, of men— gigundo peens notwithstanding. LOL. Although, as I’ve said before, I’m 51 years old and STILL find penises endlessly fascinating. So it’s not exactly a hardship to admire ANY size.

  6. Bev, he does such beautiful and fun work. I want to save my pennies and get a comish done. Many pennies. Might have to give up chocolate!

    Jen, indeed!

    Ozakie, thanks! 😉

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