Guest blogging at DIK and about the lurve.

I am guest blogging over at DIK for the next 3 days. Today I have my DIK books I posted about all those months ago.
On Friday I have a special guest author, Gennita Low, who is sharing some stuff about herself. She is super cool, clever and so funny! On Saturday I am going to post something else, just not sure what as yet. Maybe some mens!

I also am a slack ass and have not thanked the following people for their I Love Your blog nominations. I really appreciated the gesture and was flattered that people read my waffling on! Smooches to you!

Thank you Sarai, Leah, Lisabea, Tracy, and Jen. Mwah! These ladies have seriously cool blogs and are totally worth a nosey.

In other exciting news, this is the little Library that could… The Lewis and Clark Public Library in Helena, Mont., has voted to keep on the shelves a book about gay sex.

If you’ve not read this article by Laura Baumbach, then do. It is really interesting and thoughtful. – For the Love of Man, Insights into the m/m Erotic Romance Genre.

See you at the DIK!


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