Oh my, the ginger man!

We all know red heads are smokin, but could this guy get any hotter? I nearly melted watching this episode. Manly, masterful, beardy and in fatigues. Sex on a STCIK!!

Edited – ok. Hot red boy is Kevin McKidd. Who played Lucius Vorenus in Rome. Totally missed that one and I watched it. So yeah, he is just marvelous. And hot, and…. licking screen still. ;p


6 thoughts on “Oh my, the ginger man!

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  1. Kevin McKidd was also in that cute Patrick Dempsey movie Made of Honor. He’s one of the very few ginger boys I actually find attractive. So hot.

  2. You know I very seldom take the time to watch videos that are more than a couple of minutes long. But I not only watched every second of that one, but I’m pretty sure I never blinked and my jaw was hanging open the whole time. I think I’ve got a Ginger Tingle in my girly bits. ;-D

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