Manly by Dale Lazarov and Amy Colburn

Manly is beautiful. The book is divided into 3 stories, scripted by Dale Lazarov who wrote Sticky with Steve MacIsaac. The illustrations were done by Amy Colburn, who rocks, and color by Dominic Cordoba.

Each story has a uniting theme of men doing what they do best! The first story, Busted, is about a cop and an innocent bystander who helps out. After they both get awarded for their contributions there is a spark of attraction between them and it is all on! The second story is Clinch. Two boxers, a Latino guy and an older Irish bloke, who have to get creative without a condom. The last, and my favorite, is the Hot Librarian. This was funny, sweet and oh the leather! Or maybe it was the whole library thing… I am after all a total book geek and do love the library! heh.

According to an interview done by the gorgeous Patrick Fillion, Dale had to approach the book with an international audience in mind – hence the lack of text. To me, this was a huge part of its charm. Dale and Amy convey emotion and tension to drive each story with just a look, expression or touch within the panels. I think this also makes it more of a personal read as you invariably wonder what the boys would be saying and you end up with your own spin on events.

The facets of masculinity displayed in the book and what it is to be manly is also interesting and thought provoking. But, I guess the one thing that struck me the most in all 3 stories was the affection and warmth between the characters. I am a bit of a mush and things like the kiss and blush in Busted, had me smiling with bit of a sigh. Don’t get me wrong either, I don’t mean romance as in fade to the fire burning shot. No. These boys go hard and the sex is totally hot, sensuous and sexy as all get out! I liked it. A lot!

You can get Manly here through or
Check out Boytoons Mag. Patrick gives good interview!
Bruno Gmünder Publisher for interview with Amy and Dale’s profile.  

Manly and All Artworks Copyright © 2008 BDale Lazarov / Amy Colburn.  All Rights Reserved.
Please do not repost without permission.


9 thoughts on “Manly by Dale Lazarov and Amy Colburn

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  1. Oh nice. I don’t go much for comics, but this looks like a fun read. And the art work is so umm…interesting. 😀

  2. Sweet! I might have to look into this one

    On a side note how are you doing? Gawd I need to craw out from under my rock and come visit more. I’ve missed ya!

  3. Leah, I think this one has great appeal for women and the art is certainly interesting. I feel pretty spoilt to have read the whole book!

    Lisabea, some of the the guys are totally hairy and it really appealed to me too! In the 1st one Busted, the silvery guy is just a total fox. ;p I do like my boytoons, srsly!

    Sarai, babe! Ta for the look. You’re a sweetie. I am great. Hope you’re also well sweetie and not working too hard!

  4. I must admit to my preference for the ‘mature’ male. MEEE-OOOOW!

    So later, when no spawn are around, I will look in-depth at these. In. Depth.

    And I just can’t say enough good things about your blog, baby, cuz you always have something wicked cool beans to share.

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