Weekend stuff, DIK and nude.

This week over at the DIK Blog there has been a vertible feast of authors; all doing wonderful interviews, sharing stuff including their top ten lists and blokes in leather chaps. This has been courtesy of Lisabea and the DIK!

Saturday – Interview from intrepid reporters Teddypig and LisaBea with reclusive and mysterious author Josh Lanyon.
Monday – the delightful author Ally Blue! Radiohead, mens and Lovecraft.
Tuesday – fab artist and author of my favorite boy band novels, Jet Mykles.
Wednesday – Laura Baumbach, author and cool kid who runs the amazing MLR Press.
Thursday –
James Buchanan, Harley rider, goth, author and Colton fan. ;p
Friday – J.L. Langley who writes the most smokin books. She is also an aspiring photographer (see chaps above) and Condom Animal Artist. She did a signing at A Different Light earlier this week. Lucky, lucky! Certain relatives who did not have time to stop there on their recent trip are still off the Christmas card list!

Also, a new t-shirt. It is pink and cool. You can get your own here at Threadless. Exterface has a new set of pictures called the Cosmo Show. Hot. But not for those who cannot cope with jockstraps. Here is a link to the best bits of No Heroics – new ITV show, laugh your ass off funny.

Finally, at Ismale’s blog, nude. He is wicked cool. Find the translate button, top right, and read! And, are you nude?


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