So Super Duper by Brian Andersen.

Psyche is a Superhero. Well… he has super powers anyway! But, he is not quite as super as his team mates.

His power is empathic, so he feels the emotions of others but that is about it. A super useful power to have mid battle! His superness, or lack thereof, is best demonstrated when he points out the obvious in the first issue, “Hey! That thing is totally EVIL.” hehe. I keep imagining him saying it in this ingenious valley girl voice and it makes me giggle. And, lets not discuss his apathy towards action in the field with his team the Amazin’Naughts!!

Psyche thinks he is kinda the last resort guy and seems to spend a great deal of his time hanging with his bud Skip at salon Kink – reading what the latest gossip mags have to say and bitching about Halo (who is so totally a bint). Despite his lazy, lounging, Madonna singing ways he does have hidden depths. Some pretty odd things start to happen when he is involved in stopping the bad guys and maybe there is more to his powers than even he realizes?

Psyche is sweet, endearing, the BEST BFF you could ever hope for, a bit of a drama queen and gay. Except, he is unaware of this last one! As in totally oblivious and clueless! He even denies it to his manager when questioned and thinks it’s just so silly that he would even suggest it. Makes for some very amusing moments and interesting plot developments.

The art is clever and very effectively conveys emotion and tone. I am such a geek for smokin boytoons normally, but I thought the simple style made great impact and was a large part of what made it so enjoyable. It totally fits the story and Psyches personality with his flamboyant poses and So Super manner. He is such a charming and amusing character you just cannot help but like him, and the art is huge part of what makes it work.

The story is clever, witty and totally smart arse. Makes you think lots about what is a hero and certainly what makes a memorable one. You know, it is never the perfect, shiny golden god ones I like. It’s the ones that are a little rough around the edges, and so not perfect! They have to fight hard for what they want. There are several story lines woven in around Psyche and the team and I cannot wait to see which direction Brian goes in next. The story so far is not always what I’ve expected and is totally cool and SO SUPER!

You can check out Brian Andersen’s website here.
Get the comic from a list of stores on the site or via the following stockists –
Prism Comics
Indy Planet

AND check out Brian reading the 1st few pages of his comic. He has got this wicked sense of humor and makes me laugh. 🙂


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