Diving In Deep by K. A. Mitchell.

From Samhain Publishing.

You never forget your first time. 
Cameron Lewis loves his job as an instructor/trainer for a water safety firm that inspects water parks. He gets to travel from March through September, always moving on to something different. When a strange emptiness starts plaguing him, he chalks it up to turning thirty.
He manages to shake off the feeling—until he walks into a classroom and discovers that the eye candy in the front row is actually a very grown up version of his best-friend’s kid brother. 
Noah Winthrop never forgot his first time. Scary, painful and then absolutely amazing—and with Cameron, the guy he’d always wanted. He’s had a crush on his brother’s best friend since puberty and now nothing will keep him from finally getting Cameron Lewis to notice him. 
Even though Cameron once rejected him, Noah is determined to get it right this time.

The first time, everyone remembers. There can only be one and I think this was what initially drew me into the story. The first time for Noah and Cam is so hot and real. And, it was not all candies, hearts and flowers. You could understand where Noah was at. That whole scary out of control feeling he has that comes with having sex and being that close to another person. He wants it so badly but he is nervous and does not want to give that away and scare Cam off. OH. So. Good!

Noah has always had a crush on Cam who is his older brothers best friend. He finally gets his wish during a family wedding. But Cam leaves the next day and it is not until years later that they meet again. The chemistry is still there and Noah is determined this time not to immediately fall to his knees in front of Cam in the first hour. He is kinda successful!! 🙂 I loved how Noah still seems to retain this core of determination, he just loves Cam and always has. It appealed to my inner romantic geek. Not to say that he is a pushover because Cam totally needed a boot in the ass at times. But as a character he was very appealing. 

The road to happiness does not always run smoothly for the boys though. There are the complications of family, friendships, distance and Cam’s fear of vulnerability. Cam was not always likable, due to his obtuseness but you felt for him. Maybe he needed soup?

This is the 2nd book of K. A. Michell’s that I’ve read and I liked it. A lot! It’s a hot, sexy read and well worth checking out. And, there’s swimming, you know…  mens+swimsuits=merow. How could you not want to read it?

Get the goodness here at Samhain Publishing.
Check out K. A. Mitchell’s site.


9 thoughts on “Diving In Deep by K. A. Mitchell.

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  1. I’m so glad you liked this!

    I got another friend to read it and she emailed me half-way through to tell me she didn’t think she could finish it because she hated Cam and wanted to kick his ass. LOL

  2. I know! He is a bit of a shit. But, but I kinda liked it cause the bigger they are… the harder they fall and all that sort of thing.

    It was so god damn hot too. Worth reading just for smexin. 😀

  3. I don’t think so. But, maybe check her site. The latest is called Regularly Scheduled Life and is EXCELLENT! About a couple dealing with the fallout of a crime. It was great, and I am going to review that also at some point…

  4. Thanks so much, Sarah. I love those alphas who need a smack. I see you’ve been hanging out with Jake in the Adrien English mysteries, too. I loved those books. He’s a terrific writer. And Jake needed a smack, but so did Adrien by the end. 🙂

  5. Hey! I so like this kind of character, it is such a draw. And, yes just finished the latest of the Adrien English books. Wow! Amazing stuff and that bad Mr Lanyon knows how to keep you hanging. I will even admit to feeling just a wee bit teary… that last chapter is a killer.

    Looking forward to your next book in December 😀

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