Yossi and Jagger Review.

Yossi and Jagger is the story of two IDF officers stationed on the Israeli-Lebanese border. It is set in a remote and beautiful location and despite the shortness of the film it delivers a satisfying if poignant message of youth, life and the specter of death that is always in the background for these soldiers.

Yossi is the units commander and is very aware of his position and his responsibilities. Lior, also known as Jagger because he’s charismatic like a rock star (and hot like one!), is one of the other officers and is well liked by all. The one person Jagger truly loves is Yossi. Jagger is soon to be released from his service in the IDF and wants further commitment from Yossi. Unfortunately Yossi has his own plans of furthering his military career. The dynamics of the troop and the little cameos from each character and how they deal with their isolation, youth and emerging love are engaging.

The romance between Yossi and Jagger is sweet and moving. I loved the scene of the boys running round and goofing off in the snow. And the pervy bunny! My favorite moment is near the end with Yossi’s reference to the song by Rita and its importance to Lior.

The script was based on a true story but I could not find any reference to the original author. The screenplay was written by Avner Bernheimer and directed by Eytan Fox.

A great little film and well worth watching.
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  1. I stayed on a Kibbutz on the Israeli/ Lebanese border and know that area very well. I also have many Israeli friends, so this movie looks very interesting to me. Plus, it seems like a nice love story.

    Nice that you posted it.

  2. Leah, you have been everywhere! I am totally jealous. 🙂 Did you enjoy the Kibbutz? The movie is very sweet and sad. I did enjoy it.

    Sarai, have you seen Shelter? It is totally worth seeing and SO sweet, sexy and totally hawt! You can check the review from Paul here
    Also watch Yossi and Jagger, it is lovely.

  3. Sarah…yes I did. I was there when the Lebanese civil war was going on and so there were many, many soldiers stationed on the kibbutz I was on. Also, you could hear the shelling going on every night. We were constantly warned not to roam because of all of the land mines. But that area of Israel is very pretty. Green and not far from Mt. Hermon, where we could go sledding. It looks like if they filmed it in Israel, that’s where it was done.

  4. Another great Israeli film with a gay love story is “Bubble”. In fact, some of the best films with gay themes seem to come from Israel.
    And if you want sexy heroes, try Lior Ashkenazi in “Walk on Water”.
    Good post!

  5. Hey, thanks Jeanne. I saw a mention of Buah, Ha- (Bubble), as it is by the same director Eytan Fox but was not sure what it was like. Will definitely check it out with your rec. Thank you!

    And, it would seem Walk on Water is by him to. Definitely a director to keep an eye on! Here is a link to his latest project.


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