The Art of Mike.

There is nothing nicer than getting mail and my package from Class Comics the other week was very, very nice indeed!

Class Comics has put out 3 portfolios. The Art of HvH, The Art of Mike and The Art of Ismael Alvarez. The first one I got was Mike’s, I spend far too much time dribbling over his work on his blog and website. The thought of having my own copy just made the inner book geek quite happy. 

The volume is 24 pages in full color. There are images that have been published before from his magazine work, gorgeous takes on Class Comic characters and some new material. His work is really quite beautiful. The color use is bold, rich and the backgrounds always seem to frame his men perfectly. I really like his use of curlicues, it is a cool touch.

The men are muscular and seriously hot. There is a very nice young man on the inside cover who is just wrapped in his underwear. He has the most incredibly sexy look on his face. Merow!! His couples are really smexin. I especially like the idea I saw in one piece, of being so over come with lust after shopping that the groceries are just left on the floor. See, I am usually just happy to get them put away! hehe. 

This is a great portfolio and I hope to see more of Mike’s work soon. It is just luscious!

Go here to purchase.
Mike’s Website.
Mike’s Blog. 



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  1. I’m so jealous! I really need to spend some time shopping on the Class site. But I should probably wait until my next bonus or something. I can only imagine how much that visit will cost me. 🙂

    Lucky you!

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