I want to know…

… who the chick is who speaks in the last part of this clip from Emerging LGBT Voices Panel – Comic Con 2008? Because I’d like to say, I kinda agree.

The main thrust is that the big boys in comics have underestimated how much women enjoy guy on guy action. And, some women apparently have money and like spending it, as evidenced by my latest order through Class Comics. heh. She also mentioned Torchwood and what a phenomenon that is. Oh, Captain Jack! Merow!! (pictured above).

Of interest also, via one of the panel, was that the Anita Blake series has been taken up again by Marvel. Those who have read Anita know there is some srsly smexin scenes in later books. One wonders how that will be handled? Well I hope! With much Nathaniel and long hair.

Now, if only someone would look into my brilliant idea of making My Fair Captain into a comic… it would so rock, you know it! 

If you want to watch the clip, it is below and about 3.45min in. This is the last in a series of 9 clips from the convention which starts here. It is hosted by Charles “Zan” Christensen, who authored the The Mark of Aeacus which is available through Class Comics.


6 thoughts on “I want to know…

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  1. I am sure one of the class comic boys would rock at this! Or maybe some beautiful Benoit-A Prévot doing a James Lear? Oh fablious!

    AND, it was Patrick’s birthday the other day and he had the coolest day out.

  2. It is from the delightful Torchwood.

    The clip from comic con made for interesting watching and had a couple of great authors speaking.

    Imagine. MFC or The Heaven series done … or anything. I’d buy it!! 😀

  3. That kiss of Jack and the original Captain Jack was smoldering hot Hot HOT.

    I’m enjoying this blog and will definitely be adding this to my “must read” list.

  4. You’re so sweet to say so! And you have a pooch called Kiwi. heh. A name close to mine heart. It is a very good name!

    I also read the Khubla Khan post which was read earlier this year at a funeral I went to. It was just incredible, tears to the eyes and so beautifully read and stirring.

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