Weekend stuff with a military theme.

Whilst perusing a comic group I came across a link to Skippy’s List. Laughed my ass off till I was crying. Check it out here. I think at no. 29 I was doing that whole unattractive snorting while giggling but by the end there were tears. hehe. 

Found Lawn Darts there also, online comic.

HBO has an excellent new series called Generation Kill and if you have a chance to check it out, do. Excellent drama and compulsive watching! Based on the book by Evan Wright, who wrote a 3 part series in Rolling Stone. Rudy Reyes is seriously handsome and plays the part of himself. Check him out in his uniform here. But, the show stealers for me are James Ransone and Alexander Skarsgård. Ransone was in a season of The Wire and is incredibly compelling. There is a trailer here for Generation Kill.

If Military stuff is for you, check out Band of Brothers. Although it came out in 2001 it is compulsive viewing and the box set is firmly on our shelf. Check it out here. The camaraderie and friendship is something else.


2 thoughts on “Weekend stuff with a military theme.

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  1. The tat guy is Rudy Reyes, the actual soldier boy who plays the part of himself in the show. He is fab and will be interesting to watch and see if he does anymore shows.

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