Weekend and interviews and Lola.

In September I am anticipating the release of the latest Adrien English novel, Death of a Pirate King. I cannot wait! This series is beautifully written, engaging and when September comes you might just hear my squee from there. In the mean time check out a fab new *interview* with Adrien himself over at In Their Own Words. There are shoes and everything, Woot!

I saw the following youtube goodness after finishing Lola Dances by Victor J. Banis. It is such a sexy book and Victor certainly has a rather fantastic style. I was thrilled to see another copy of Longhorns in the local book shop today. Woot Victor! Anyway, Lola was a really different read for me. I was not sure I would be into it to begin with but I throughly enjoyed it and find that androgynous feel really quite smexin, and for goodness sake invest in a fan when you read it. Check out this seriously good review here for more details. 

Below is yet more strangely alluring androgyny… and don’t the lyrics from Blur come to mind? Girls who are boys, Who like boys to be girls, Who do boys like they’re girls, Who do girls like they’re boys, Always should be someone you really love… yep. Well, they did for me any way! Merow.


2 thoughts on “Weekend and interviews and Lola.

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  1. What I found surprising about Lola was how many elements are on my DO NOT LIKE list…and how this book proves my point about how a good story told well can make you read and enjoy things you never thought you’d like. Yay for Victor Banis!

    (And that Adrien interview is the bees knees)

  2. I know. I felt the same, the cross dressing, incest etc. But, I liked it and felt that it moved the story and was not just for the hell of it. He is the clever.

    I loved the Adrian Interview. So hanging out for that release date! 😀

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