Crossing Borders by Z.A. Maxfield.

From Loose ID – Michael has been trying to catch Tristan again for years. Now he’s faced with his ‘Sparky’, all grown up and looking to get laid. The habit of protecting him isn’t gone, but the opportunity is too much to resist.

Sex and skateboards. I liked this book! It was refreshing, sweet and made me laugh.
 Tristan has finally come to the conclusion, after splitting with his girlfriend, that he is not so broken up about loosing the girl and is far more interested in boys. His grand plan to meet like minded men, which cracked me up, garners rather unexpected results when he catches the attention of the cop who has ticketed his rogue skateboarder ass.

Tristan is young and still at Uni and Michael is a bit older so it is an almost May/December relationship. Michael has a few hang ups from a previous relationship but it is not an overpowering theme. He is kind and passionate about what he does and the two characters just fit.

I loved the elements of surrender and giving up of control in the book, it was terribly sexy.The chemistry between the two is magic. I guess the things I enjoyed most was the length of the book, the humor and the developing bond between Michael and Tristan, it didn’t just end. There were cool secondary characters who appealed and strong women which I really liked.

Cops, skateboards and fantastic kitchen sex. What more could one want? This is defnitely an author to watch and I cannot wait to see what comes next. 🙂

You can check out the book here.
ZA Maxfield’s website is here.
Livejournal here.



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  1. ZA – Hey to you to. Looking forward to the new one, it was a cool read. 🙂

    Jen, ta. Happy belated hump day!

    Sarai – responded to your questions query, sweet as.

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